Mystic Love (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Mystic Love (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Enjoy =)

Chapter 2

New Life....New School...Yay! (NOT!!)

by: MiSS_CRiS
''Beep, Beep, Beep!'' my alarm was blaring in my ear. I knew Kaleb had turned the volume all the up just to piss me off. I groaned and pushed it off the night stand. I got out of bed and went to take a quick shower before I went to school. When that was done I stood infront of my closet trying to figure out what I was going to wear.

I ended up settling on a pair of dark wash skinny leans and a brown racerback top with a pair of brown flats. I looked in the mirror and shrugged.

"This is as good as it's gonna get for the first day of school." whispered then sighed
"Are you ready yet?" Kaleb called out from out side of door
"Does it matter? It's not like we're riding in the same car." I called back
"Do you want to walk into a new school ''alone''?" he asked ephasizing the last word

I shook my head, he was right; I wasn't about to walk into that school for the first time by myself. I grabbed my backpack and walked out of my room, Kaleb was leaning against the wall. He pushed himself off and followed me down stairs, I could smell toast and coffee in the kitchen but I was really in the mood to eat. I walked in and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Are you hungry?" Sara asked
"Not really, where's my dad?" I asked
"He went to check out the office he'll be working at." she replied
"Come on Kaed, we're going to be late!" he shouted from the front door

I rolled my eyes and gave Sara a small wave before I walked toward the front door. My brother was always rushing with everything, but with the whole new school thing I didn't get why he was rushing ''now''. I was stalling as much as possilbe, the longer it took me to get there the less time I would have to spend there.

"'Bout time!" he said walking over to the garage and opening the door.
"Are you riding with me?" I asked confused
"No, but do you want to open this door?" he asked

He didn't wait for a response and opened the garage doors.

"Thanks!" I said and got into my new SUV.
"Just follow me, I saw the school while I was driving around last night." he said; I just nodded

I followed after him and was glad that I didn't have to drive far to the school. When I pulled into the parking lot I parked next to Kalebs truck and got out. I looked to the left and there was a black ferrari parked next to me; at least I didn't have to worry about my car standing out here. I looked around and there were a few more high-end cars around the almost full lot.

Kaleb and I walked into main building and made our way to the office. I could hear the whispered conversations as we passed students at their lockers. Most of them were starring but I didn't pay much attention to it; I didn't really care what they were all saying or thinking about.

Once we got our timetables Kaleb and I put our papers together to see which classes we had together; turned out we didn't have any together--''naturally''.

I sighed and began walking backwards toward my first class. "See you at lunch." I called to him before tunring around.

Before I could see where I was going I bumped into someone. I didn't bother looking to see who it was, I just apologized and went on my way. I could feel whoever it was eyes on my back but I didn't look back. When I got to my first class which was English I was happy to see that there was only a few people in the class so far. I took my paper to the teacher and she pointed to a seat in the back row and handed me my book. I walked to the back of the class and took my seat.

I just starred out of the window I was sitting next to as the class began to fill with students. A couple of girls were lost in their conversation when they took a seat at the two desks next to mine.

"Hey, you're new here!" one of them stated
"Yeah!" I said with a small smile looking her way
"I'm Elena and this is Bonnie!" she said with a gental smile
"I'm Kaedyn!" I said
"Well it's nice to meet you!" she said
"Like wise!" I said just when the bell rang

I zoned out for most of the class since it was a topic I had coved at my old school. When the lecture was over the teacher let everyone talk amongst themselves.

"So Kaedyn, where are you from?" Elena asked
"California." I replied
"Wow, you're a long way from home huh!" she said
"Yup!" I said
"Why'd you move all the way out here?" Bonnie asked
"My dad's girlfriend is from here, they wanted to be closer to eachother. So my dad packed up me and my brother and moved here." I said
"Must suck, having to move for that reason." she said
"Kinda, I'm not exactly the type to stay mad about something for long." I said with a shurg

When the bell rang for the next period I grabbed my things and headed out the door. I had my next class with Elena so we walked together.

"What kind of name is Mystic Falls?" I asked as we took our seats in Math
"That's what the founding families named the town, cause it's so mysterious." she said with a laugh I couldn't help but laugh with her
"There you are!" I heard a guy say

I looked up and he was amazingly good looking; almost perfect.

"I looked for you after class!" he said sitting next to Elena
"Sorry, I got a little side tracked." she said looking over at me
"Whos your new friend?" he asked
"This is Kaedyn; she just moved here. Kaedyn, this is my boyfriend Stefan Salvatore." she said
"It's nice to meet you Kaedyn!" he said with a smile
"You too!" I said returning his smile

I kept to myself as they got into a little conversation of their own. Stefan seemed like a geniuenly nice guy, I could tell he was head-over-heels for Elena. Then next two class went by quickly and it was time for luch; I agreed to meet up with Elena but decided to to put some of my books in my car first.

I had just closed my door when I noticed a guy siting on the hood of the ferari I was parked next too.

"You're new here!" he stated
"Wow, stating the obvious. How original of you." I said with a smirk "You know, I figured that in a placed called ''Mystic Falls'' people would be a bit more original, but obviously not. I mean seriously its not hard to hear the hushed gossip and stares that everyone attempts to hide and fail miserably at." I said
"Technically, I wasn't gossiping or trying to hide my stare. Like you said, I was just stating the obvious." he said "I'm Damon, Damon Salvatore!" he said pushing himself off his car
"I'm Kaedyn!" I said
"Well ''Kaedyn'' that's a nice car. Rich family?" he said
"No, more like a peace offereing." I replied "What about you?" I asked nodding to his car
"Personal gift!" he replied with a sly smirk "Why, do you like it?" he asked
"It's Ok, not really my taste though." I said
"You don't like it fast?" he said taking a step toward me
"Well, that would depend." I said
"On?" he pressed
"On, who's driving!" I replied with a smirk of my own
"Kaed!" I heard my brother call out

I looked up and he was standing at one of the exits for the cafe.

"First day here and you already have a boyfirend?" he questioned
"Worse, older brother!" I stated rolling my eyes "And when I say older, I mean ten minutes older." I said
"Twins!" he stated
"Yeah, my parents refused to let me be an only child." I joked "I should go!" I said
"So, I'll see you around." he said confident in his statement
"I'm sure you will!" I said and walked away

I got the feeling that Damon and Stefan must be brothers but I didn't bother to ask. He didn't seem anything like Stefan; he was the total oppisite. Damon seemed like one of those guys who knew he could get any girl he wanted, but too bad for him because I wasn't one of those girls. When I got to Kaleb he was still looking at Damon.

"Who's he?" he asked nodding toward Damon
"Just some guy!" I replied not borthering to look back "Come on, I'm hungry!" I stated and walked into the open door.

Kaleb followed me through the the food line, once we paid I spotted Elena sitting at a table with Stefan and Bonnie. She met my gaze and waved me over.

"So are we sitting together, or have you made some friends you're going to sit with?" I asked
"I met a few people, but I'm fine sitting with you." he said

I nodded and made my way over to the table that Elena was sitting at. I smiled and took a seat and Kaleb did the same.

"This is my brother Kaleb, Kaleb this is Elena, Stefan and Bonnie." I said introducing him

They all said their hello's and Kaleb began to eat.

"Where were you, I looked for you when I walked in?" Elena asked
"I just went to put my books in my car. Then I got to talking with a guy I'm guessing is your brother or something." I said to Stefan

Elena and Stefan exchanged a strange look.

"You met Damon?" he asked
"Yeah, I parked next to his car this morning." I replied
"Did he try hitting on you?" Bonnie asked with a slight giggle
"Unsuccessfully!" I stated
"Don't mind him, that's just how he is." Stefan said
"I figured as much!" I said

The rest of the day went by just as quickly as the first three classes I had and when the final bell rang I was glad it was over. I met up with Kaleb at our cars.

"Made some new friends huh!" he stated with a smirk
"Yeah, I guess!" I said with a shrug
"Guess moving here wasn't that bad." he said getting into his truck "See you at home!" he said and drove off.

I had just finished placing all my books back in my bag and put in the back seat when Elena and Stefan came walking up to me.

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