Mystic Love (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Mystic Love (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Enjoy =)

Chapter 1

Why do I have to move???

by: MiSS_CRiS
I stare out the car window and watch the sun set beyond the horizon. I sigh to myself and pull my diary out of my purse.

''Dear Diary,''
''I swear my life couldn't be any more complcated then it is right now.'' ''I am so sick of moving but that obviously doesn't matter to my dad.'' ''All he cares about is his stupid girlfriend, that's why were moving to some town in the middle of nowhere Virgina; called Mysitc Falls.'' ''Seriously what kind of name is that for a town--I've never even heard of this place and now that's where I'm going to be living.'' ''Ugh! Why couldn't he have just dumped me with some relative it would've be sooo much easier for the both of us.'' ''Dad say's we'll be there soon, just great!''

I place my diary back in my purse and fold my arms arcoss my chest. I still don't get why we have to move just because of his ''girlfriend''. It didn't take long till we passed a ''welcome'' sign.

"We'll be at the house shortly!" my dad said with a smile
"Great!" I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes
"Would it kill you to try and be excited Kaedyn?" he asked
"Yeah, it probably would. I don't exactly see how moving half way across the country would make me happy." I stated
"Always so stubborn!" he said shaking his head "It wont be that bad." he said pulling onto a quiet street.

We passed a few houses and turned into a driveway about half way done the street. It was a nice house and bigger then I was used to. I stepped out of the car and grabbed my purse and backpack. I hoped the moving truck had already arrived with out things so I didn't have to wear the same thing I'm wearing to school tomorrow. I front door opened and Sara (my dads girlfriend) came running out.

"You're finally here!" she squealed running to my dad
"Sorry it took so long, you know how I get." he said and gave her a quick peck on the lips
"Did Kaleb get here yet?" I asked
"He got here about an hour ago, but he decided to go check out the town." Sara answered

Kaleb was my twin brother and he hated the fact that we had to move out here just as much as I did. I couldn't believe he just went off on one of his little ''exploring adventures'' without waiting for me to get here. But then again I can't say that surprised me, he was never one who enjoied sticking around the house. He was probably out trying to find some girl that he would find ''appealing''.

I followed my dad and Sara into the house and she showed me where my room was. I was glad to find everything I owned already ste up, well all the furniture anyway. The reality of staying here started to sink in and I just wanted to be out of this house. I pulled out my phone and dialed Kalebs number.

Phone Convo:
"Wassup sis, you and dad here yet?" he asked when he answered
"Yeah, we got here like 10 mintues ago. Where are you anyway?" I said
"Just checking out some shops they have around." he said
"Oh.." I said with a sigh
"I'll be back soon!" he said
"Kay! But hurry I don't know how long I can stay in this house alone with the two of them." I said
He laughed a bit. "Ok, I'll see you in a bit." he said

I hung up my phone and opened up some boxes and began putting my clothes away. When that was finished I set my laptop on the desk and hooked up my printer. By the time I was finished there was a knock at my door and Kaleb poked his head in.

"It's about time, I swaer I've been at this for over an hour." I said
"No it hasn't I talked to you a half hour ago, you know how you get when you set your mind to something." he said walking in.
"I couldn't have done all this in a half hour!" I said grabbing my phone.

He was right it had only been that long, I cocked my head to the side and shurgged.

"Anyway, dad wants to talk to you." he said
"Maybe he'll tell me I can go back home." I sighed getting up off the ground
"Not likely!" he said with a slight chuckle
"Well a girl can dream!" I stated and walked past him out the door

As I made my way down the staircase I could hear my dad and Saras hushed conversation. I rounded the corner into the kitchen and they were sitting at the table.

"Hows the unpaking coming along?" he asked when I walked in
"I'm almost finised!" I replied
"Look sweetie," he said standing from the table "I know that this is hard for you and that you didn't want to move." he said
"Can you just get to the point please." I said impatiently, I hated when he would beat around the bush.
"Well, I just thought that I'd get you something that would hopefully make this move a little better." he said handing me a small black box "Follow me!" he said taking Saras hand and walking toward the door for the garage.

He opened the door and flicked on the light, it took a second for my eyes to adjust since the light was so much brighter then in the kitchen. When I was able to focus there in front of me was a black BMW x5. My eyes narrowed and I looked toward my dad, he pointed to the box in my hands and mouthed ''open it''. I did and there was a set of key in it.

"You got me a car?" I questioned
"You don't like it?" he asked
"I'm just surprised, that's all." I said
"You don't seem all that surprised." he said
"Then I should've said ''shocked''." I replied
"Yeah, thatwould be a better term for the look on your face." he said with a laugh
"Thanks dad!" I said and hugged him

After my dads little surprise I decided I was going to get some sleep; I knew it was going to be a long day tomorrow and I can't say I was all that excited about it.

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