Disney Execution

Ok so I have Finally Decided What Im Going To Do.
The main characters Are Gerard and Billie, And Their Going To Assassinate Disney Ppls mmkay?

Chapter 1


~gerards pov~

It was a sunday. One of the singlemost borings days of the week. We had no shows to play today either. I decided to check my twitter. I kicked up my laptop and opened the internet. I logged in and was going to check my messages when I got a popup. If theres one thing I cant stand its pop-ups. I was going to close it, but then I noticed one word. My name. I read it aloud. It read as follows.

~ You. Mr. Gerard arthur way. Are you annoyed by these people? Miley cyrus? justin beiber? the jonas brothers? yes? Well now is your chance to gain revenge. If you are one of the many people, such as, Billie joe armstrong, Hayley williams, or jimmy urine who can no longer stand to watch these people gain thousands of unneccesary fans then click the link below.~

At first I thought It was a hoax. But Being me I had a tendacy to click links like that. Even if I was certain that they were scams. My cursor hovered over the link for a while before I finally decided to open it. There was Another paragraph similar to the first one I read but as I read on further I noticed another message.

~ If you are one of the many rockstars our company ( disneyexecution.inc) Has chosen then you will be invited to attend the disneyex convention. We will hold four assassin classes and then you will be sent to work.~

I realised what It was saying. It wanted me to assassinate a disney star. Surely I was a scam. But It had a date and a location so I decided it was worth a check. I could be fun.

I turned up at the specified date and time. There were hundreds if not thousands of rockers there. There was even that guy from nickelback. Then I saw that billie joe guy from green day. We toured with them once. Their really cool. He looked just as confused as me.

Then he walked over to me and he said......

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