Okay so my quiz is going to turn into a story this........Read comment but don't be too hard on it.......and give me some ideas please.

Chapter 1


It's been 5 years since I was changed into a vampire and I'm as happy as I can be. It's like nothing I've ever felt, and that's exactly what it is. It's way pass time for moving but Charlie nor anyone else in La Push want's us to move to Alaska or elsewhere. In the pass, five years since my change, everything with me and Edward's been great. And so was everything with Jake and Renesmee. It's find with everyone else to. Well everyone except for Emmett and Rosalie. Rosalie and Emmett broke up because of a descendant of her friends' little boy. Emmett just looking like him apparently wasn't good enough for her. anyways his name's Justin Melbourne and she's been married to him and everything. She even changed him. Which everyone disapproved of. Especially Emmett; I feel so sorry for him. So sorry that sometimes Jasper hits me for it. Then there's the fact that Emmett moved out of his and Rosalie's old bedroom; and now it belongs' to Rosalie and Justin. Poor Emmett, I wish he could find someone.
Just as I had thought this, Edward looked at me and asked"What's wrong?" I realized I was shaking my head."I just think Emmett should find someone to love instead of pinning for Rosalie" I thought to him. He just nodded. Just as I was about to tell Edward that I had an idea to cheer Emmett up; Alice froze in mid step and almost fell. Jasper caught her though. Everyone was frozen with fear but Alice and Edward were frozen from seeing the future. I was about to ask what is it, when Alice and Edward both looked at me."What?" I asked. "Why?" Edward asked."Why what?" I questioned confused. It was Alice who spoke next."Why would you join the Volturi? Why would you leave us? Why were you smiling as if you were happy to be there?" she spoke softly but the words were echoing off the walls of the now dead silent room."I wouldn't." I said in defense. Alice started to speak again but she got caught in another vision. She and Edward Both gasped then spoke." Bella's a twin and the twin's with the Volturi."

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