7 Minutes in Heavan

7 Minutes in Heavan

Mandy is at a party and suggest seven minutes in heaven. will it turn out to be heavan or hell.
Doctor Mike

Chapter 1

Looks can be Dessiving

" I'm bored."
" Me Too"
" Its your party Mandy what can we do?"
Thinking of fuin things to do she says " 7 minutes in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
As everyone gathers around, Sam hopes he gets Mandy. he cant have his girlfriend lip locking some else.(His future gitlfriend). 2 black top hats one with boy names another with girls. Mandy goes first since she suggested it she picks a name. It says Paul micheals (an ugly 8th grader tht shouldnt be there). She says "Sam". Sam grabs her hand and pulls her to the cloest. A small smile forms on their fsces. The door closes and Mandy jumps on Sam. The kiss starts soft but gets mild and rough as time goes on.She moves back and smiles. Sam focuses on her,ehich is what she wasnts.she takes off her shirt and bra. THen removes Sam's shirt and pants. just as she takes her skirt off, a knock comes to the door followed by " 7 minutes is up" She slams the door and locks it. As time past bruises and hickys form,Mandy gets tired and remebers they didnt use a condom...... but she doesn't care.


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