Smiling in my sleep

Smiling in my sleep

Romance. Currently editing. Excuse the shizzy first few chapters, they were made by stupid giggly 12-year-olds. Later on the story gets better, so please don't ditch on the first sentence! thanks :)

About kids that grow up liking each other, and eventually end up married. Or something. We haven't finished the plot, so...

Chapter 1

Remembering You

by: Mrs_Fishy
I was with my friend Allyson when they came.Our crushes. The jerks. Kane and Alex. Why we like them I have no clue...we were all friends in middle school, but now they are mean, ignorant, idiotic, cruel, smartass, totally hawt JERKS.
Did I REALLY just put "totally hawt" in there? ARGH!
"HEY Hazel, hey ALLY" Alex. my crush, half-shouted obnoxiously.
I whipped around and glared. "What do YOU want" I snarled in my vicious way...I'm very proud of it.
Alex held his arms up, "Chillax, spaz! We're not going to hurt your FEELINGS are we" Kane and him cracked up.
Allyson glared and grabbed my arm. "Come on Haze, we're leaving." She wasn't much of the yell-ey type. She was more of the 'flip them off when their not looking and rant about them in text convos'-type.

That night, we locked ourselves in my room and pored over teen-girl magazines trying to figure out what happened that made us repulsive enough for them to go from sort-of liking us to completely hating us.
Eventually we gave up and gave each other pedicures.
"Do you remember preschool, when they were so nice and ADORED us?" Al questioned.
"Boy, do I!" I sighed, remembering.

It was the first day of preschool, and since we were neighbors, my mom had brought both of us to school.
We were really scared. We didn't want to go in.
But when my mom eventually dragged us inside, we immediately saw them.
To asian boys the same age as us, also staring.
I remember how we looked.
Allyson had her long brown hair with bangs up in a half-pony thing. And I had my long blonde hair down and hanging stick-strait limply.
The four of us sat in a little square that day. Helping each other.
At one point, they went away and talked about something we couldn't hear.
They then went away and came back with crayon boxes.
The first presents were crayons.

I sighed. "I remember too well"

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