The Debate Of 1926 (Fiction)

YES i made it ALL up, im creative lol

Chapter 1

May 21, 1926, United States of America. 1st person point of view: Smith Stevenson.

The most historical event of the 1900 time period in America, the Debate of 1926.
Nicknamed as the Greatest African-American Triumph, it was our best moment in history.
Racial tensions were rising all around the 49 states for the “colored.”
We were neglected from the rest of society…

Smith Stevenson, John Walkman, and Marvin Galleys.
I & two brave African-American souls stood solemnly against this.
Our goals were to have African-American’s rights promoted and unite all races.
We were prepared, anticipation, knowing what society will throw at us.
Aiming for our ambition like a hunter searching for deer.

A cold day, the wind was screaming. Middle of the day, we waited, wondering where to start.
We decided to petition our thoughts to President John Calvin Coolidge, Jr.
John was the only one allowed to enter the White House, being part Caucasian.
Time elapsing, awaiting for John to return. Curious what he was saying, making my heart pound.
He returned, in handcuffs.

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