The Tree of My Life (ORIGINAL) -requested by Shiloe-

i'm sorta a poet, hope ya like it

Chapter 1

The Tree

O little tree, O little tree
One day you will stand mighty
Past the sky, dancing with the stars
As I gaze at you from afar

O little tree, O little tree
I enjoy the tiny shade you provide me
The apples you serve when I am hungry
And the day you grow big, I will rejoice happily

O little tree, O little tree
Yet to increase to my prosperity
My faith remains well-powered like a car
I shall return to you in 3 months, for I cherish you, my czar

O tall tree! O tall tree!
How mighty you stand next to me!
This day has come so suddenly
My prayers answered, you are, My Tree
O tall tree, O tall tree, best friends forever, you & me


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