The Blood-Stained Strawberry

The Blood-Stained Strawberry

What would have happened if BB fell in love? Would it change his course of fate? Would it turn out better or worse? I guess you'll just have to read the story to find out!
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Chapter 1

The Night of Blood

If you look in the annals, you will find reports of the mass murderer, Beyond Birthday. He only killed seven people, but no one knows why. Some say he was belligerent, some say he was blood-thirsty, and some say he was just insane. But if you were constantly reminded of death, wouldn’t you go crazy, too? Or maybe it was something else…. You see, Beyond Birthday was born with the eyes of a shinigami. Those eyes of his allowed him to see the name and lifespan of whoever he was looking at, yet he could not see his own lifespan. When he was five, his family was murdered. The neighbors, hearing a scream, came running in and saw Beyond sitting in the middle of some kind of pile. All of the lights were off, so Mrs. Kakumei turned them on. What she saw surprised her. She saw Beyond sitting on the pile of his dead family.The parent’s skin had been raggedly cut; while his siblings sin had been burnt. The burn was so bad that you could see the fresh musle.Mrs. Kakumei almost fainted at the sight of the scene before her. Beyond just looked up the neighbors confused. Haven’t they seen dead people before, he wondered. Beyond stood up from the pile of his deceased family and calmly walked over to Mrs. And Mr. Kakumei. Mr. Kakumei immediately called the police. Beyond calmly looked over at his parents. Should I be sad, Beyond wondered. Beyond knew that his parents hated him. They never went to any of his school recitals, never bought him any toys. The day Beyond was born was the day his parents’ days of happiness ended and he knew this. All they cared about were his perfect older brothers. The police had asked Beyond about what had happened, but he just said that he came home from school and saw his parents and two older brothers dead. Beyond told the police that he was the one who had screamed out in horror. The police believed his story because they thought that no child would ever murder their own parents. A few hours later, a black limousine pulled up in front of the house. Beyond turned his head and looked at the black limo. An old man walked up to the police and started to talk with them. He said his name was Watari, but Beyond knew differently. Beyond took note of his lifespan. Watari looked over at Beyond and smiled. Beyond just scoffed and looked back down to the picture of a strawberry he drew in the dirt. Watari walked over to Beyond and looked at his picture.
“How would you like to come to an orphanage in Winchester, England,” Watari asked Beyond,” we have plenty of strawberries there.”
Beyond looked up a Watari thinking of strawberries; If there were strawberries there then he wanted to be there to. To Beyond, strawberries were the only things that brought him happiness in this life. Beyond stood up and followed Watari to the limousine. Beyond climbed into the back and instantly fell asleep, dreaming of the sweet red fruit.

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