Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

this story is about Avril Lavigne and she's a high schooler freshmen and she kinda seenking in the neighborhood but shes kinda having fun being a freshmen

Chapter 1

what went wrong that just got fantastic

Avril Lavigne
age:15 for fake

i just got yelled at by the teacher she said NO AND I MEAN NO PINK HIGHLIGHTS AT THIS SCHOOL.I said well you could have put that on the rule chart you idiot.Then i got sent to the office they called my parents they couldn't get a hold of my parents so they called my sister she was at college so they had to get my brother my 20 year old brother with his girlfriend Miya Veldez .So he picked me up.
He said im telling mom. I said
that the teacher is mean ugly selfish and fat she is the most meanest on earth
then he took me and his Miya to see Miya's friends and then he said go with Miya and her friends to the club i said okay i met Miya's friends there names were Olivia,Kaylie and Anna they were cool we went shopping then we went to the beach good thing i always carry my swim suit.Then we went to the club it was so awesome JUSTIN BIEBER played it was off the hook and i got his number,BOOM.Yes got it then we went to L.A it was not that far it was a couple miles away. Then we came back it was 11:00 pm my curfuy i said bye to my new friends then they pulled off it was the best night.


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