Sam's weight gain

Chapter 1

The Beginning

by: DarkNight
Sam liked to beat up fat kids. Every day at break(recess) he would corner one and pound them into the ground. One day the fat kids had had enough. The mixed up a potion. They slipped it into his drink one night.

Sam woke feeling very hot and sweaty. He softer and heavier than usual. He looked at himself in the mirror. He was shocked. His rock hard muscular body had been replaced by a soft, round and flabby boy in the mirror. His belly hung down over his legs and he had moobs as big as most girls. He couldn't see his ribs and his butt was huge! He reached for his clothes to find they were XXL. The potion had made it like he was always fat. He went downstairs for breakfast. A massive pile of sugar encrusted pancakes waited for him. Without knowing why he felt an urge to stuff them down his throat even though he like nothing unhealthy. That was the potion's doing.


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