Not a Story; A Poem :)

Not a Story; A Poem :)

These are just some more of my poems. I personally don't think they're all that good, but all my friends love them, so I'm going to show them anyway. If you don't like it, spare me the hatemail and just close the webpage. Thanks, and enjoy!

Chapter 1


The screams in my head
brings tears from the dead
the cold skeletons know all too well
the bittersweet taste of betrayal
their black empty eye sockets
have seen the dark truth of your lies
their crumbling hands have touched
the cruel tomb that is your soul
they have felt my scars
they have cried my tears
they have bled my blood
they have known the same death
that my heart is now dying
another heart broken
another soul lost
another girl dead
another skeleton in the dungeon
who will be next?
how many more will you take?
the screams in her head
brings wails from my dead
s k e l e t o n.

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