Fix You (A Jacob Black Love Story)

Enjoy! ~ Abbey

Chapter 3

Well, This Is New...

by: Missin
"Kara! Please, get back here! I'm sorry!" I shook my head, tears falling down my face. I was lost, I was scared, but I wasn't alone. I turned and saw him; the boy who had been invading my dreams for weeks now. "What the heII do you want?!" "To talk to you! To help you." "YOU CAN'T HELP ME! NO ONE CAN HELP ME! I'M BROKEN..." I collapsed on the cold ground and just kept repeating, "I'm broken... I'm broken... I'm..."


I woke up with a start, then groaned. I hate first days, especially when you only get an hour of sleep the night before because of nightmares. This boy, this gorgeous boy, won't leave my dreams. Nothing is ever same about the dreams, except for two things; the boy, and him saying he can fix me and help me.

I put on my black skinny jeans and my dark purple v-neck tee shirt. I threw my black high-top converse on, and left the house, leaving my straight brown hair down over my shoulders. I got my license last year, so my mother lets me drive to school. I hopped in the PT Cruiser and drove to school. I was going to park in my usual spot in the Student Lot, (I always get there early so I can get the spot closest to the door) but there was another car in the spot. A HUGE, yellow hummer was sitting in my spot. There was a group of guys standing around the car. I knew them from school. They were the guys I hate; they loved attention, they were all class clowns and thought they were the coolest guys in the school. Well, Embry Call didn't seem that bad, but he could still be cocky at times.

I parked next to the Hummer, got out and said, "HEY!" to the guys. They all looked over. Quil smiled and said, "Mad we parked in your spot?" They all laughed and I said, "A little! Who's car is this anyways? None of your clowns could afford anything like this." They all chuckled and said, "It's a friend of ours. He was out of school for a while before the summer started." I sighed and said, "Whatever. Just, tomorrow, stay out of my spot." "Want me to move my car?" I turned and saw, I was assuming, the new kid they were talking about, but he looked really familiar. He looked shocked when I turned around. I sighed and said, "That would be wonderful." I sat up against my car and the kid said, "I'm Jacob." I rolled my eyes and said, "Nice to meet you. Now, can you move your car?" He just kinda stood there, awe-struck. I sighed and said, "From now on, I just want my spot. Okay? Thanks." I walked off, leaving the new kid, Jacob, in the dust.

Throughout the day, for some odd reason, I couldn't get my mind off of Jacob. I swear, I know him from somewhere...

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