Ryan Butler's Twin Sister

Ryan Butler's Twin Sister

I need 10 views and 5 comments for next part and this is my first story so sorry if its not good

Chapter 1

Riley is Coming Back

Ryan Butler’s Little Sister
By: RileyRawr

Character Info:

Name: Riley Vanessa Butler
Age: 15 ½ years old
Eyes: Electric Blue
Hair: Black and blue streaks
Likes: Racing, Fighting, Hanging with the guys, Skateboarding and Sports
Dislikes: Justin Bieber, her parents, preps and jocks
Extra: Has a tattoo on her lower stomach, ‘Hollywood’ and her tongue and navel are pierced.


I trudged my way to the headmaster’s office. What was this, like the fourth time this week? “You wanted to see me?” I questioned nonchalantly while leaning against her desk. “I was informed that you punched Mrs. Langston in the face.” I snickered, “You think this is funny? Well, you are expelled.” I continues to giggle at how red her face was. I grabbed my bag and walked out and ran to my dorm. I grabbed my keys to my blue convertible, my electric blue cell phone and belongings. After I was done I ran to my next class I had with the boys: Mason, Auggie and Dylan. “Hey guys!” They all turned around, Dylan was gonna say something until Auggie interrupted. “Why do you have all your stuff…..Oh my freaking gosh you got expelled” he chuckled. “Yeah and you guys are coming with me.” I said looking between the guys as they didn’t seem to object the offer. So, I guess I should back up and tell you why I am in a boarding school all the way in bloody England. Well, when I was younger I was a trouble maker and still am. My parents couldn’t handle me and shipped me off to this hell hole. I became the biggest bad girl here. Now, its time to start the story I call a life.

Our plane just landed in Atlanta, I know what you’re thinking ‘OMG this is gonna be a little family reunion’ well its not. I didn’t call my parents or tell them anything because I hate them but they love me. We all went to grab our bags and went to find my car. Once we found it I turned on my new Brokencyde CD, quickly turning on 2 Drunk 2 Drive. I turned my bass up and put the top down and we drove down the road singing and blasting the lyrics.

Some kids stopped to look at us, one of them being Ryan. Of course he didn’t recognize me haha he hasn’t seen me since I was 7. So being the cool people we are me and the guys stick our tongues out and flip them off. They had skateboards so there was a skate park around here. We pulled up and stepped out taking a glance at our surroundings. Then I noticed Ryan walking over and he began to say, “

What does Ryan say? Does he know its his sister? 10 views and 5 comments.


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