hi my name is Tiffany and im leave england to go to america so i can join my family and become bigger and better then everyone else. well so they thought. to get ther i have to go on the titanic.

Auther: hi my name is also Tiffany and im just a hugh fan of the movie titanic and i love everythink abot it. so im hoping others will to. hope u like it. oh and it will be a love story and there will be tragaty (dont care much for spelling) and mystory and shit but hey thats just me.

Chapter 4


i was to busy looking around to all the walls and the beautiful and intricate(sp?) little patterns that are on the roof and walls. that i didn't notice someone infront of me and feel backwards and on my butt.

Tiff: ow,(looks up) oh sorry i didnt see you there. not that your hard to miss
Boy: thats ok, are you alright? (helps Tiff up).
Tiff: thanks, im ok. just a little sore, but i'll get over it.
Boy: thats good. oh i almost forgot my names Heath. and if you don't mind me asking but what is your name.
Tiff: nice name. not at all, my names Tiffany.

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