hi my name is Tiffany and im leave england to go to america so i can join my family and become bigger and better then everyone else. well so they thought. to get ther i have to go on the titanic.

Auther: hi my name is also Tiffany and im just a hugh fan of the movie titanic and i love everythink abot it. so im hoping others will to. hope u like it. oh and it will be a love story and there will be tragaty (dont care much for spelling) and mystory and shit but hey thats just me.

Chapter 3

Getting abord the Titanic.

~Tiffs mind~
wow wat a big ship. its hugh. i couldnt believe it. its like omg, and we get to o on it. cool. now im happy. plus i have nothing here, beside my friend, james, but nobody else. this was gonna be the best trip ever. wow i cant belive it im going to america. cool.

Tiff:mum can i go have a look at the ship?
Mother:oh go on.

Tiffany walks around the ship, intaking everything that was going on. ppl moving their stuff inside the ship, ppl talking to each other, girls in lovely dresses (Tiffs mind: omg i wished i owned one of those), men in siuts (they look funny) and all the rooms to explore (wow this was gonna be the best trip ever). and she had all the time of thw world to walk around. just as she went to cheak out the pools someone came up to introduce himself to her....

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