hi my name is Tiffany and im leave england to go to america so i can join my family and become bigger and better then everyone else. well so they thought. to get ther i have to go on the titanic.

Auther: hi my name is also Tiffany and im just a hugh fan of the movie titanic and i love everythink abot it. so im hoping others will to. hope u like it. oh and it will be a love story and there will be tragaty (dont care much for spelling) and mystory and shit but hey thats just me.

Chapter 2


Tiff's mind:
i can't believe him i thought he would at least fight for me. but i guess i was wrong. mum's gonna be happy to hear me and Kyle are no more.
it's weird how life works isn't it?, you think life is all rainbows and butterflys and than its all ruined.

~at home~
Tiff: mum im home.
mum: hello sweetie. wats wrong?
Tiff: Kyle and i are no more.
mum: oh sweetie, thats tuff. at least you can have a new life in America.
Tiff: i guess.

~mums mind~
thats awesome. no more of that azz messing with my baby girl. but it's a shame she's upset about it though. oh well, thats life for ya

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