hi my name is Tiffany and im leave england to go to america so i can join my family and become bigger and better then everyone else. well so they thought. to get ther i have to go on the titanic.

Auther: hi my name is also Tiffany and im just a hugh fan of the movie titanic and i love everythink abot it. so im hoping others will to. hope u like it. oh and it will be a love story and there will be tragaty (dont care much for spelling) and mystory and shit but hey thats just me.

Chapter 1

Jumping on bord the HMS Titanic.

Tiff: i dont want to go to America, its gonna be boring.
Mother: well ur father is now getting a job over there, so we're all moving.

in Tiff's thoughts.
well look at that im leaving my home in the poor, and now im moving to the america to live with rich ppl. i just dont feel right. well at least i aint traveling 3rd class. thats good at least. well anyway how would u feel if u had to leave ur friends and ur boyfriend just so u could live with ur new fam. i would hate it.

Mothers mind:
oh why doesnt she like it? maybe its cuz she is like in love with that azz, i dont like him. he doesnt look or even thinks good. well at least we get to live and have a better life. it aint much but at least we're not traveling 3rd class, that would look bad to them all. at least we didnt have to pay for them. well its not a good way to start with her.

at school:
Kyle: wat do u mean u have to go?
Tiff: well its not my idea. dad got moved im sorry.
Kyle: wat am i suppose to do? im not gonna let u go. but i guess i have to.
Tiff: wat r u like breaking up with me?
Kyle: wat else am i gonna do? i cant see u. im sorry.
Tiff: ur a dick i cant believe u would do that. nope dont talk to me. i hate ur guts. get fvcked.
Tiff walks away from Kyle and goes to the bathroom to cry

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