i think i'm falling for my step-brother [6]

i think i'm falling for my step-brother [6]

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Chapter 1

the beach

by: keitaro
"is that a yes" nick he asked you "sure" you smiled you felt tyler grab you hand you looked up at him "you don't have to go if you don't want to" he frowned she smiled at him "i'm going" you urged tyler smiled "lets get the steppin" matt yelled him and nick raced to

the car you laughed "shotgun" ryan called out. "not fair i got here first" nick whined "_____gets shotgun and the rest shut their cake hole"

tyler claimed you got in the passengers side and waited. in no time you guys got to the beach you watched tyler play football and

volleyball you layed down in the sand and just looked at the sky. 'what have i gotten myself into, fallin in love with my STEP brother.'

you thought you shook your head and closed your eyes.
~DREAM~"i love you" he whispered in your hair then he vanised "wait dad where r u" you asked you were standing alone you heard

something break. you started to walk away when you felt someone grab your throat you turned around to find the man who killed your

father the man you once loved, eric, you screamed, but it was muffled in his hand he dragged you to an empty room "you know you

could have saved him" he whispered you felt tears in your eye's "all you had to do was one thing" he kissed your forehead you turned

your head in disgust. he grabbed your face to look at him you saw a sliver blade in his hand your heart stopped the knife came

crashing down stabbing you in the chest. you screamed. ~END OF DREAM~ "_
wake up!" tyler shook your body you opened your

eye's realizing that you were surrounded by the guys and still at the beach. tyler wiped a tear away from your cheek. "what

happened?" nick whispered you looked at him you shook your head "nothing i'm fine thanks um i'm gunna head home" you whispered

"i dont think you screaming and crying in your dream is nothing" nick urged. you got up and walked to tyler's car. tyler got up and

walked to the car with you "well i'll see you guys tomm." tyler called out
~2 weeks later~ you finally got that stupid cast off and school starts today. "_" you heard "get up we're gunna be late babe" tyler

whispered in your ear you smiled but then tyler pulled your covers off of you. you groned "get up or else" tyler threatened you turned

in the bed and huged yourself to the bed "_" tyler smiled you smiled and tried to go back to sleep "i will pour water on you" he urged

you yawned "you wouldn't" you laughed. you heard him laugh and run down the staris you got up and wiped your eyes. you walked to

your dresser and grabbed some gray skinny jeans, and a red tanktop, you walked to the bathroom and brushed your teeth "see was

that so hard?" tyler teased you glared at him with your tired eyes. you shut the door in his face and got dressed. you crunched your

hair and straightined your bangs. you but on some black eye liner and blue eyeshadow. you grabed your bag and walked down staris "

you want anything to eat" tyler's dad asked you didn't look at him you put on your flip flops and walked out the door. to see tyler

waiting in your midnight black mustang. you drove all the way to your lame school. "if you need anything just call me ok" tyler told

you, you nodded and smiled you walked off to first period wich was chemistry, you sat down in an empty desk waiting for the teacher

to give the class their permenit seat. you ended up sitting next to a cute guy who was wearing black. "hi i'm zach" he smiled you got

stuck looking into his teal eyes. "h-hi im _
" you smiled back.

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