Under Age & Out Of Control 23

Happy Halloween you guys! enjoy!

Chapter 1

Surprise On Halloween Night

"Not well enough." I replied. "Ok you two. Enough before I have to put one of you with the little kids." Monica interjected. "Ok. I'll be a good girl." I said with an evil grin. "A good girl with bad habits." Damion smiled and put his arms around my waist. I giggled. "Ah! Shut the h3ll up! I don't want to know!" Monica nearly yelled covering her ears.
We got to Brenda's house. My parents, Ms. Anne and my brother and sister- in- law were there. The group of little kids stood by the door waiting for Brenda to come to the door. When she finally came the kids yelled, "trick-r-treat!" Very loudly. She smiled. "Come in, come in." She said motioning for the kids and us to come in. We walked up the steps and in the house. Monica stood by the door, me and Damion stood in the middle of the living room. Brenda gave the little kids candy. Damion turned and faced me then got down on one knee. "What are you doing?" I asked quietly. He reached in his pocket and pulled something out. "Brianna Elizabeth Dupree, I love you more than anything in the world. You are my only reason to breathe and get up in the morning. Your the sunlight that runs the dark away. You are beyond beautiful and beyond everything to me. Words just can't describe how much I love you or how much you mean to me. You've shown me a different side of life and things. Will you marry me?" He asked opening the velvet box. The ring glittered in the bright light. "Yes! Oh my God yes!" I said loudly. He placed the ring on my finger and stood up. He kissed me. I melted in his arms. Everyone clapped their hands. We pulled apart and I couldn't help but smile widely. I was engaged. I couldn't believe it. It was so cute that the group of little kids were clapping. I was shaking from excitement. "What are you shaking for?" Damion asked fighting a laugh. "I don't know! Other than the fact I'm engaged? I have no idea!" I exclaimed. I held my hand up looking at the ring on my finger. The diamonds glittered in the light.
I was shocked. Beyond shock. "Come on! Let's get this show on the road!" Bella said walking for the door. "Ok. Everyone knows the rules. Let's go." I said. They got back in a group and walked out on the porch. "Now let me see what it looks like on your finger." Monica said. I looked at her confused. "I helped Damion pick it out. He wanted to surprise you." She said. "What? You planned this or something?" I asked. "Yep. For about the last two weeks." She said. "And we say there are no secrets between friends." I joked. "Hey, its not a secret now, is it?" She asked. "I guess not. But I'm still shocked." I said.
After we got the little kids trick-r-treating over with we went to the party.
"I'm gonna go get us something to drink." Damion said. "I'll go with you." Monica said. "I'll stand right here." I said. "Are you sure?" Damion asked. "Yeah. I ain't going anywhere." I said. "Ok. We'll be right back." Damion said and kissed my forehead. I watched as they walked off. I was kinda scared standing here alone without knowing anyone.
~The Next Day~
Me and Damion were standing in the hallway at my locker. "What's wrong, baby? Are you ok?" He asked. "Huh? What are you talking about? I'm fine." I lied. I was trying to forget what happened at the party last night. I didn't want Damion to know because I knew exactly what would happen. Someone would get hurt. He was still recovering from the run in with Dani. I didn't need him fighting for my honor or whatever. I would just lie. "Well, you've seemed distant all morning. I can't help but worry about you. Are you sure your ok? You seem worried about something." He said. "Yeah. I'm fine. I'm just still in shock about being engaged." I replied. I was half lying. I was still in shock. I just wasn't sure if I was fine. "Ok. I guess I believe you." He said and kissed my cheek. I half smiled. Hoping I was convincing. He looked at me with the face that said, "you suck at lying." Kris, one of his friends, was calling for him from down the hall. "I'll be right back." He said. He kissed my forehead and walked down the hall to join his friends. Skylar, Addison, Chrystal, Lilly Mae and Monica walked up. "So. You finally done it. You finally found your true love." Chrystal said with a crooked smile. "What about Chance? Like you haven't planned a dream wedding for you and Chance?" I asked joking. She blushed a faint red and looked away for a moment. Then I looked up to see Paige and her crew coming. I stepped around my friends and waited for Paige's approach. I knew exactly what she was fixing to do. "So I hear you and the school's Emo are engaged. What exactly are you going to do when you say I do? Cut each others wrists?" She asked. I gritted my teeth. "I don't know what's worse. An alcoholic loser and a temperamental Emo or an alcoholic Emo and a temperamental poser." She spat. "Don't you dare call Damion a poser! And he's not Emo! He doesn't label!" I defended. "Really? Maybe you should crawl out from under that rock your under. Oops. I mean, you should crawl out from under that thing your marrying." She said. I would love to beat the crap out of her right now. "Your just jealous because no man really loves you. Or should I say boy? I have a real man where you choose boys." I replied. Hatred ran threw her narrowed eyes. "I can't wait to see you walking these halls pregnant and can't finish school to prove me right." She said. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I lunged at her with my hands for her throat. "You won't insult me, my family or my fiance like that!" I exclaimed pulling her hair. I grabbed her throat and pushed her against the locked with my nails digging in her skin. "Your going down!" I said angerly. The fight began.
We fought for a few minutes until the principle came. "Break it up now!" He demanded very loudly. We stopped. I was beyond p!ssed off. "That was self defense!" I said pointing to Paige. "I don't care! We'll settle this in the office!" He said pointing towards his office. I hadn't realized that Damion was the one trying to pull me away from Paige and also my friends. So we were all sent to the office.
"I am very ashamed of everyone of you!" Princepible Cruhm said. "She was insulting my fiance!" I said. "That is a personal matter. You and your 'fiance' need to talk it out with whomever insults you. Physical aggression is not the answer." He replied. My jaw hit the floor. "Apparently you've never been married before!" I said. "Yes. I have. I have also been divorced." He replied. "I can see why." I mumbled. "Excuse me, Ms. Dupree?" He asked. "Nothing." I lied. "Very well then." He said and walked slowly down the line of victims. Me, Damion, Monica, Chrystal, Paige, Addison, Skylar, and the rest of Paige's crew were there. He stopped at Damion and looked at him with one raised eyebrow. "Anything you do doesn't surprise me." He said sourly. "What exactly does that mean?" I asked. Damion looked at the floor. "The record your boyfriend has proves that he is a juvenile." He said looking at me with evil in his eyes. I narrowed my eyes. "You three are suspended for two weeks. The rest of you are being let off with a warning." He said pointing us out. Me, Paige and Damion. "No! Damion didn't do anything! Don't make him pay for my mistakes!" I said standing up. "You'll pay for each others mistakes in life if your going to be married." He said bitterly. "But this is mine and Paige's fault! Not anyone else's!" I replied. "Miss, if you don't sit down I will call your parents." He said calm and cold. "Fine! Call them! I don't care! My mother will defend Damion too! She knows what its like unlike you, you loveless, cold, slithering slime ball!" I pointed my index finger at him. "That is it! I won't stand for you to disrespect me like this! Sit down!" He said standing up and slamming his hand down on the desk. "Don't you dare talk to her like that!" Damion said standing up and joining my side. "Young man, I am warning you now, sit down." The principle said threw gritted teeth. I stepped over to the desk and rested on the palms of my hands. "Do what you have to do to me. I'm not afraid of you." I said calmly. Damion held my forearms and leaned over and whispered, "don't hit him. That will get you arrested." I slightly nodded. Then Damion walked over to Monica.
~Damion's POV~
I held Bri's forearms and leaned in and whispered, "don't hit him. That will get you arrested." She slightly nodded. I knew her temper and she probably would hit him if he p!ssed her off good enough.
I stepped back over towards Monica. "Get your phone ready." I whispered. She nodded and got her phone. "Apologize to Damion and let him go like the others." Bri said. "You bunch of little freaks will stand up for each other. Well guess what, there's fixing to be a change." He replied. "Take that back! We're not freaks! We're different because we don't care what people think!" Bri defended. I was proud of her for standing up for herself. I saw the principle draw his hand back. "H3ll no!" I said but it was just to late. His handed landed across her face and she fell into the glass wall where the glass began to shatter and crack.
~Normal POV~
I hit the glass wall. I heard the glass cracking. Great, more to add to the list. "Dude, what the h3ll!?" Damion demanded rushing to my side. "Are you ok?" Damion asked concerned. "Yeah." I said.
We waited for my mother at the police department. I could only imagine what she would do when she had to come to the police department.
"What happened?" She asked. "I have everything right here!" Monica said holding up her phone.
Not only did we have court with the principle, we had court with Dani. I was going to lock myself inside and never go out again. I had too many court dates.


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