A Nick Jonas Love Story Chapter 19

A Nick Jonas Love Story Chapter 19

Chapter 1

I miss you.

~Week Later~ CASSIES POV My life kinda sucks right now. Well, I guess I shouldn't say that. I'm playing in front of thousands of fans every night. That's pretty awesome, it's one thing I've always wanted. Nick on the other hand is gone. Out of my life, and I miss him. I would trade singing for him any day. Since our brake up I've been writing a lot of sad and depressing songs. My favorite one that I wrote is called 'Take Me Along' (by Miley Cyrus) it's all about Nick, and how he left with no answer. I miss him so much. LATER 5 minutes to showtime. I can't lie, I was pretty pumped up regardless of how crappy I was feeling earlier. Performing for my fans always made me happy. Once I get offstage then I'll probably go back to being sad. My outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/golden_performance/set?id=24525664#comments
My music started playing and I was out on stage. Performing is like no other feeling. Knowing thousands of people came just for you. It's incredible working off the crowd's vibe.
After concert The concert was over, and it was awesome. Once I got off that stage though, I felt instant pain. I miss Nick so much! I was starring at the floor because that's all I want to do anymore. "Great show." a guys voice exclaimed. I looked up hoping it would be Nick. "Dylan?" "Hey." he smiled. "Why are you here?" I asked angrily. "I came to support you. I heard about your breakup with Nick, and I thought you could use a friend." he said. "Um thanks, but you're a jerk!" I exclaimed. "Oh, yeah. I'm uh sorry." he said looking at the floor. I took a deep breath, "It's okay." I said. "Awesome, so you wanna go grab a bite?" he asked. "No thanks, I'm just gonna go back to my bus. You can come if you want though." I said. "Okay." he stated following me. We got on the bus and Dylan was making me laugh. He was still a little sketchy, but he was there, and I needed someone.
WEEK LATER Dylan and I are hanging out today. He's an okay guy. He's been going on dates with a different girl about every week. He's a jerk sometimes, but he was keeping my mind off of Nick, so it was okay. "Ready to go to eat?" Dylan asked. "Yep." I smiled. We got to the restaurant and ordered. "I have a question for you." Dylan stated. "Umm okay?" "Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked. No NO NOOOOO!! "Umm sure?" I said. I was shocked with myself. I don't like him! Why did I say yes?!?! Crap. "Sweet." he smiled. Oh, my, God. What have I gotten myself into?!?
Week Later Dylan and I have been dating for the last week. It's been okay. I know for a fact that he's still going on dates with other girls. So yeah, he's cheating on me.
I should break up with him, but he's keeping my mind off Nick. I guess i have to settle with him. No one will ever be like Nick. The media already knows about us. Oh well. Nick's POV She's dating him!?!? This can't be right. I saw him the other night on a date with some chick. And she was most certainly not Cassie. Wow. She's sad about our break up so she lowers her standards to him. That's rediculous. Now I need to find a girlfriend. 3 days later Right now I'm on my way to pick Brooke up for our second date. That's right. I got a date. She's kinda stuck up. But, she's usually nice to me. I was taking her out to eat at a fancy restaurant. I picked her up and she was wearing a revealing black dress with some hideous pink boots. Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/woah/set?id=24526765#comments
"You look nice." I stated. "I know right? It took enough time." She said fixing her hair. "Well, I hope you're hungry. I'm taking you to one of the best restaurants in town." I smiled. "I hope they have salad." she stated. The rest of the ride was silent. LATER We were at the restaurant and talking. "Hey um Brooke?" "Yes?" "Do you wanna be my umm girlfriend?" I asked. "I guess." she sassed. Why did I ask her to be my girlfriend? I have no idea. I guess I just need someone to fill in the part of me that Cassie filled. I miss her.


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