October (Edward Cullen Love Story)

New idea I came up with. Hope everyone will enjoy. It will have some unrated stuff in it, so be aware. It's more of an "adult novel" sort of thing. But enjoy!

Chapter 1


Who knew? I didn't. October. The month that forever changed my life. That's when it all started. I'm not going to keep blabbering about the complete past, but that's how I come to be here. In Forks. If you think this is going to be a sucky love story where nothing happens, you're wrong. There IS a plot to this story, but that will be explain later in the text.
Everything has a reason, a time, and a place. And I truly believe that this is where I belong. I fit in here. No one thinks I'm a freak. I'm loved. That's the only thing I was searching for my whole life. The trials and tribulations I experienced were enough to set my gears going for a better life. But... let's just get to the story...

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