Its just so wrong but so right

Its just so wrong but so right

Sasuke has been having a hard time picking between the puppet master and the future hokage, now he is regretting his decision
loads of yaoi hard yaoi M RATED

Chapter 1

The Begining of something complicated

Sasuke: so um what are we going to do?
Kankuro: dunno... what do u want to do? (Thinks dirty thoughts).
Sasuke: Anything ;)
Kankuro: umm... (Blushes) how about... i dunno, you’re the guest, you decide.
Sasuke: well i don’t have a clue... you decide.
Kankuro: well, this isn’t getting us anywhere
Sasuke: I know but i don’t have a clue... all of mine are dirty ;)
Kankuro: (blushes) hehe... mine too...
Sasuke: then why don’t we agree on one to do... nah that’s stupid.
Kankuro: (laughs awkwardly) yea... Stupid....
Sasuke: So.....
Kankuro: umm... i uh... ok, this is REALLY awkward!
Sasuke: I know....why don’t we...Nah.
Kankuro: umm... (Mumbles) what’s stopping us....
Sasuke: Nothing... wait if nothings stopping us why don’t we.
Kankuro: well.. I suppose..
Sasuke: let’s start with normal stuff not just jumping in to the awkward stuff (leans forwards).
Kankuro: (hesitates then leans forward and kisses Sasuke).
Sasuke: (kisses back) (blush).
Kankuro: (blushes and thinks: this isn’t so hard..)
Sasuke: (hugs Kankuro) .
Kankuro: (hugs back and kisses Sasuke more passionately).
Sasuke: Kankuro-kun i think I’ve loved you all along but just never realised it until now you’re the one I’ve always wanted to be with (kisses Kankuro)
Kankuro: (blush gets darker and pulls away slightly to whisper in Sasuke's ear) i think I’ve known all along that i have always loved you....
Sasuke: (blush gets darker as well and pulls closer)
Kankuro: (lays Sasuke down on the bed then kisses him passionately).
Sasuke: (rubs Kankuro’s chest and kisses back).
Kankuro: (pulls off Sasuke's shirt and kisses his neck).
Sasuke: (in mind: this is the best fun I’ve had in ages)
Kankuro: (Thinks: is this rly happening?).
Sasuke: (licks Kankuro’s neck).
Kankuro: (runs hands along Sasuke's chest and sides).
Sasuke: Unh i..t feels so good
Sasuke: I’ve never experienced this before
Kankuro: (blushes) I’ve wanted to do this for soooo long....
Sasuke: I’ve wanted to do this ever since you had a shower at my place.
Kankuro: hehe...i soooo couldn’t tell... (Pulls off his own shirt).
Sasuke : (kisses Kankuro tenderly)
Kankuro: mmm... why didn’t we think of this earlier?
Sasuke: I think i didn’t want to rush into things until you were comfortable.
Kankuro: (smiles) you’re so thoughtful... (Sucks on Sasuke's neck).
Sasuke: (kisses like a making out kiss)
Kankuro: (kisses back while moaning slightly)


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