Everlasting Love!

Everlasting Love!

The pic of is of Rae-Ann...yeaa soo this is gonna be a Ryan Butler love story(: Just cuz i didnt know who to choose and carly helped me choose and of course she said Ryan(: LOVE YOU SISTER!!!! lol

Chapter 3

My hair turned out wrong....

"Hey!" I heard Ryan say as i was setting up the hair thing. "Hi!" I said and turned around. I saw them all staring at me and Caitlin. "What?" I asked uncorftable. "Nothin but ya did a good job on caitlins hair. She looks gorgeous" Justin said. I saw her blush. "Well Whos hair am i doin first?" I asked. "MINE!!!" Justin said sittin in the chair. I giggled. "Okay so you get the Blue hair" I said. "What?! no! Just streaks" He said. So i did his hair putting blue streaks and styling it. "Wow! This is awesome!!" He said looking in the mirror. "I know" I said and smiled.
"I wanna go now!!" Chaz said like a little kid in the candy store. "Sit down!" I said. He did. "Lets see...Hmmm....I think Light brown would look cute in yer hair" I said. "Okay" He said. and sat still as i did his hair. It was Light brown with Blonde and purple streaks in it. "Adorable!" I said after i finished his hair blow dried it and cut it and styled it right. "Its amazing! Thank you!" He said and hugged me. I hugged back akwardly "Yer welcome...Ryan yer next!" I said. He say down. "Hmm...I Think a Neon color would look cute any suggestions?" I asked. "Hmm...Neon purple or green" He said. "Okay! If ya get Neon green your gonna have to get it redone ever 2 weeks"" I said. "Okay" He said smiling. So i streaked cut and styled his hair. "I Love it!!" He said and smiled.
"Good!" I said. "Hey what you kids doin?" Uncle Ray said walking in. "I just did their hair!!"I Said. "Its awesome!" He said. "I Kno!!"I said. "Usher whats up?" Ryan asked and did a handshake with him so did Justin and Chaz. "My brain hurts now" I said. "Why?" Caitlin asked giggling. "The way they do their handshakes!!" I said and put both hands on my head causing my hair to fall out of the hood i had it hid in. "Dude! Whats with your hair?" Caitlin asked causing everybody to look at it.
"OMG!!! ITS AWESOME!!!!" Caitlin said. "I toally messed up i didnt mean for it to look like this" I said. "Its cute" Ryan said. I blushed "Thanks" I said. I wasnt gonna get alll shy right now.

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