Everlasting Love!

Everlasting Love!

The pic of is of Rae-Ann...yeaa soo this is gonna be a Ryan Butler love story(: Just cuz i didnt know who to choose and carly helped me choose and of course she said Ryan(: LOVE YOU SISTER!!!! lol

Chapter 2

Thee pic is of what she is wearing!!!!!!(: The chapter is called...I love Burger king!

"OMG!!! That was soooo much funn!!!" I said walking outta the mall carrying tons of bags. We got clothes and we got some hats i got more hair dye. Caitlin was gonna let me do her hair. We also bought some posters to decorate my room with. Caitlin was gonna stay the night. I was really begining to like Caitlin she was awesome we declared eachother bestfriends when we both went for the same DC hat and same Hair dye color. Yupp we awesome. "Cait we've been here 3 hours! When can we go home?" Chris complained. He reminded me of Lee-Ann. which brought little tears to my eyes but i hid them really good.
"We will go after we go to burger king!" I said. "OMG! WE SHOULD GO PLAY IN THE PLAY AREA!!!" Caitlin said. "OMG!!! WE SHOULD!!! LETS GOO!!!!" On the way we sung along to songs like with you and jesus take the wheel. "BURGER KING!!!!" Me and her squealed and ran into it. I ran into the glass door and started laughing really hard. Caitlin looked scared "OMG!!! Are you okay?!" She asked. "Never better!!!" I said laughing. "Okay atleast your not bleeding or dead" She said laughing. "Yea ikr!" I said. "Lets go in!!" I said and actually OPENED the door! when we got in i ordered fries and a pepsi caitlin did the same and Chris ordered a wopper and milkshake. Me and caitlin were in theh play area when i spotted a group of hot guys talking to chris. "OMG!!! her are those guys?" I asked. "Idk lets go find out!" She said.
so after a few minutes atempting to find the slide we got out 'WEE!!!" I said giggling going down the twirly slide. "Hehe that was funn!!" I said giggling. "Ikr! ooooo CHRISS!!!!!" Caitlin said skipping up to him. I went to skip but triped on my shoe lace and started laughing as a fell on my face. "Omg! Is she okay?" I heard a voice ask. "Uhm...I think so if she can run into a door at ful speed i dont think that hurt." I heard chris say. "Need help up?" I heard a voice ask. "Yes thank you!" I said giggling and taking the guys hand and he pulled me up. "Im Rae-Ann but you can call me Rae or Ann or Raw-Raw but i perfer Rae or Ann" I said smiling. "Well im Ryan butler and i like being called Ryan" He said. "Okay ima call you Butler then" I said and smiled. "Dude this girls awesome" I heard a kid say.
"Hello whats your guys names?" I asked walking up to them trying my hardest not to fall. "Im Chaz" A kid with wavy blondeish brownish hair said. "And im Justin" The other kid said. "Ooo!!! The kid on Youtube?" I asked. "Yeaa" He said. "Awesome!! That means yer comin to my house on tuesday!" I said. "I am?" He asked. "Yeaa Ushers meh godfather slash uncle" I said. "Oh awesome" He said and smiled. "I know!! So yer from canada?" I asked. "Yea" He said. "Nice accent" Ryan said. "Yea... Ya arent bein sarcastic are ya?" I asked. I had a horrible southern accent even though im from Washington. "Nope its really cute actually" Chaz said. "Well tanks! But sorry ya 2 ya aint gonna get me" I said "Caitlin lets go i wanna do Yer hair!!" I said.
"Would you do our hair?" Justin asked. "Suree...Come by at about 5" I said and smiled. "See ya then" Ryan said winkin at me. When we got to her hummer she said "OMG!!! They like you!!!!!" she was excited. "Yea but i have my eyes on Ryan" I said. "Okay...Can i have Justin then?" She asked. "Of course!" I said. The rest of the way was silent when we got to 'my' house we unloaded everything and chris walked home while me and caitlin carried everything up to my room. I turned on my Radio and the song i sung came on. "Is this you?" Caitlin asked. "Yea i know its bad"I said as i hung up clothes in my Closet. "Its REALLY good!!!" She said. "Tanks ready to do yer hair?" I asked. "Yea!!"She said. "Okay what do ya want me to do with it?" I askef. "Hmm Well i want it trimed a little lol and uhm how bout you dye it light brown with the blue highlights?" She asked. "Perfect but i was thinking purple cuz itd bring out yer eyes" I said. "Okayy" She said. So i did when she looked in the mirror she gasped "THIS IS AMAZING!!!!" She said. "Thanks" I said and smiled. "Hey a group of guys are here for you" Uncle Ray said at the door. "Send em up!" I said excited. I love doin peoples hair.

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