Everlasting Love!

Everlasting Love!

The pic of is of Rae-Ann...yeaa soo this is gonna be a Ryan Butler love story(: Just cuz i didnt know who to choose and carly helped me choose and of course she said Ryan(: LOVE YOU SISTER!!!! lol

Chapter 1

Meeting my new friends(:

"Why is it just me goin? Why isnt Lee-Ann coming to?" I asked as my grandma dropped me off at the airport. "Because your godfather can only handle another child, and since your older you can handle not bein with us" My grandma said. great so here i get to go to Alanta to live with my godfather Usher or Ray as i call him. I've use to see him daily, but my parents moved and he couldnt visit cuz of tours. But last weekend my parents were out on a date it was snowing, The roads were slick and the other driver was drunk, They died instantly the guy died a day later, his daughter that was in the backseat, is stil alive fighting for her life. "Fine. But if you send me to uncle rays i swear your never gonna see me again. Thats a promise" I said harshly. I love uncle ray dont get me wrong, but she has enough money to care for both me and Lee-Ann that and im 14! shes 13! one year difference! and we've been close. It brakes my heart to leave her.
"Trust me sweetheart, You will thank me eventually" She said. "Sure" I said. I grabbed my duffel bag from the back and grabbed my ticket. I new the drills so my grandma didnt come with me to get aboard the plane. When i got on i instantly drifted off to sleep. I woke up to the flight attendant saying "Ma'am we have landed." "Tanks" I said and got up. I grabbed my bag from the top and walked off. I saw Uncle Ray. "UNCLE RAY!!!!" I squealed and jumped up and hugged him. "Hey Rae-Ann" He said and hugged back while he caught me. I called him uncle ray cuz hes like my mothers brother. "Can we go im tired?" I said and asked. "sure" He said. as soon as we stepped out we were hit with paparazzi.
''Is this your secret love child?" One asked. and with my big mouth i said "No! He is my godfather!" Uncle ray just kept pulling me to the car carrying my duffel bag. "Usher is it true that you might sign the kid from youtube?" Another asked right as he shut the door on his side. I hurried and got in. "YOUR SIGNING SOME1?!?!!!" I asked. "I might" He said. "Can i hear what he sounds like?" I asked. "yea go to youtube and type Justin singing with you by chris brown." He said and handed me a laptop. I did and listened to it. It was really good. "Wow hes good!!" I said. "I know i have a meeting with him on tuesday, Hes gonna bring some friends to so be nice" He said. I guess he still is mad bout the whole insadent when i totally beat the crap outta a guy for touching me.
"Dont worry! As long as they keep their hands off m butt i wont hurt them" I said and smiled. "Okay, Well here we are" He said and pulled up to a mansion. "WOW!!!!" I said. It was bigger then my last house. "Your room is the second floor last door on the left" He said. "Tanks!!!" I said and grabbed my duffel bag and went running to my new room. When i opened the door i gasped. The walls were neon purple, The carpet was black my Desk and bed frame Neon green. the laptop on my desk was green, My pillows and bedding were hot pink. all my favorite colors. "OMG!!!!" I squealed. I opened the door on my left it opened to a walk in closet but it was empty. I understood that one, Then the door to my right i opened and it led to a bathroom it had a bathtub and shower! they were both seperate. There was a hair station thing! i guess grandma told him i want to be a hairstyleist.
"Like it?" I heard a voice behind me ask. I turn and say Uncle Ray. "Like it? No! I LOVE IT!!!!" I said and threw my arms around him and hugged him. "Good. Now get ready your going shopping" He said. "Why just me?" I asked. "Not just you our neighbors down the street have kids and the girl said she'd take you with her. Shes nice" he said. "Yay! Whats her name?" I asked. "Caitlin beadles" He said. "Mkay and she comin here?" I asked. "Yea with her brother chris" He said. "Mkay well i only have 50 bucks" I said. "No you dont. You have a credit card" He said. "I do? since when?" I asked my brain starting to hurt.
"Since you came to live with me" He said and handed me a Visa credit card. "Yay!!!" I said and jumped up and down. "Thats for anything you need, But dont go overboard on the spending" He said. "Okay...Am i allowed to by myself a cell?" I asked. "Nahh i already got you one" He said and handed me a touch screen phone. "Okay...Anymore suprises before i faint?" I asked jumping up and down. "You gonna be driven around in either my car or a limo" He said. Finally i squealed really loud. "calm!" he said. I stoped squealing and was trying to stop bouncing. "Yay!!" I said. Then i heard the doorbell ring. "Cani get it?" I asked. "Yea" He said. I ran down the stairs and heard uncle Ray laughing. I opened the door to reveal to kids one looked about 15 the other 12. "Hi!" I said all bubbly. "Hi im caitlin" The girl said holding her hand out. I shook it "Rae-Ann nice to meet you" I said. "Same to you! This is my dork brother Christian but call him Chris" She said. "Hi chris!!" I said. "You seem cheery" She said. "Yeaa I had a monster when i got off the plane" I said and smiled. "OMG! I LOVE MONSTER!!!" Caitlin said.
I could tell this was the begining of a good friendship. "Yes cait we all no you do" Chris said. "Shush your just jealous im awesomer then you" Caitlin said smiling. "Sooo are we gonna go?" I asked. "Yea i need to ask Usher something first" Caitlin said. "Mkayy just a minute...UNCLE RAY!!!!! THEY NEED TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!" I yelled really loudly. He walked down the stairs and greeted them. "So whatcha need?" He asked. "My mom wants to know if dinner plans are still on" She said. "Tell her yes and its here on wensday night k?" He asked. "Yes!" Chris said. "What?" I asked. "Dinner over here is soo much more funn" He said. "Okay lets go!" I said. Me and Caitlin skipped. while Chris trailed behind us. "We are going to drivee my hummer!!!!" Caitlin said. "How?" I asked. "I have my permit" She said and smiled. "Uhh should i be scared?" I asked chris. "Terrified" He said. "You got it!" I said and pretended to be terrified. "Im a good driver!" She said in defense. "We will see!" I said and climbed into the front seat. "Hey! I wanted front!" Chris said. "Okay" I said and opened to get out but caitlin stopped me. "Shes older she gets front!" She said.
"Woop!!! I LIKE BUTTERFLIES!!!!!" I said smiling. "OMG!!! ME 2!!!!!" Caitlin said. "I have 3 monsters!" I said and handed Chris and Caitlin one. "WEEE!!!!" Me and ncaitlin said hyper. Yup ive oficaially found a new Best friend!

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