~One Time~A Justin Bieber Love Story~Chap.3

Hope you like it and please comment!!!!!! :)

Chapter 1

Part 3

In pain you walk to the door and take a deep breath and you open the door. When you opened the door you were so excited. When you saw justin you both just stood there and stared at each other. Finally after about 5 minutes Justin said Hi Alessa, Hi Justin. You both hugged and you finally invite him in. Where's your mom you ask Shes went to the store to get some stuff. Then your mom walks in, Hey Justin its so good to see you again, Its good to see you to Ms.Wright. Well Alessa im going to the store to get some things so be good, dont break anything, dont let anyone in the house unless you know them, MOM I KNOW WHAT TO DO!! Ok i be back in a while. Well What do you want to? How bout we watch a movie? Great, how about Twilight, No to boaring, Alice in Wonderland, No, ok how bout The Wolfman, Ok put it in. As you put the movie in he asked me how i have been and other things. I have been good How bout you? Well im glad i can take a break from my tour and just hang out with my best friend. Then i went into the kitchen to pop popcorn and then Justin came in the kitchen to and ask if he could do anything and i said that he could get soda out of the fridge. Then we both sat on the couch and 15 minutes into the movie both our moms came back from the store. I went and hugged Patti and then my mom and Justin did the same thing. Patti said that she's going to her room to go to sleep and my mom said the guest house is be renivated so Justin is going to stay in your room for the summer. I looked at Justin and he had a smile on his face then i looked at my mom and said ok. Well let me take you to where you will be staying and Justin let out a luagh and so did I. Comment!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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