Six Months in Heaven

Sorry, this is the last of my story, but there is a new story up called The Locket. It is about a girl and her dead boyfriend who died in the fire and a locket that he gave her. Please tell me if this is a good idea. I have only half of my story wiritten. :( GIMMY IDEAS!
I was about to make the wedding chapter but i desided to leave it like it is because i think that it is better as is. sorry, dont hate me :) plz comment!!!! I need to know if im good enough for yall :) plz
~ <3 u all

Chapter 1

The First Night

“Zoey Helion!” Announced Professor Crounwell, as I came up to the podium to receive my diploma. Walking off the stage I noticed Jess, my best friend, waiting for me.
“Here!” She exclaimed, handing me a full suit case and a hotel room key. “Room fifteen, the Presidential Suit. There is a limo waiting for out front. You can thank me later.” She said vaguely and waved goodbye.
This was Jess’s version of a graduation gift. Her parents a multi-billionaires, so she can afford to send her best friend away for six months alone with any guy she wants, I don’t get to choose, but knowing her, he is going to be hot.
Walking up to the front desk of the hotel, Leonardo, I asked the woman at the front desk, “How can I get to room fifteen?”
“Oh, yes, I was expecting you. I trust your friend gave you the extra room key?”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
“I shall get the bellboy.” Following the bellboy to the elevator and to the room, I managed to trip over my own feet, as the klutz I am finally showed. Jeez, Jess didn’t need to get such a big room! I thought as I realized how big the room must be.
Finally, getting the confidence to walk into the room, I saw that leaning on the bed was Max, my old boyfriend from high school.
“Oh, Uhhmm. Hello Zoey.” He said awkwardly, “I didn’t know that you were who I'm goanna be with for the next six months.”
He laughed. It was a cute laugh. “So, do you want to ki/ss or something?” He asked uncomfortably.
“Uhhmm , sure, I guess.” He walked up to me and grabbed me by my hips and pulled me down to the bed. Rapping my arms around his neck I realized that he was an amazing kis/ser. Using his tongue to touch my bottom lip, he asked permission to enter my mouth. I touching the roof of his mouth to answer the question. To my delight, he took that as a yes. After a while I pulled away to take a better look at his face, my red hair was in the way. Before I could brush it away, Max brushed his hand through my hair and pulled the loose strands away from my face. He had really amazing dark eyes and dark brown hair. He laughed and made my heart race.
“Do you want to grab some food? I'm hungry; I hear that have amazing food.”
“Sure, I haven’t eaten since this morning.” Reaching for the phone he dialed one to call room service. I was not paying attention to what he was ordering until he asked me what I would like to eat.
“Salad, that’s all.” I said, but he looked at me funny. “What?”
“Sorry, just was wondering if that was all you were getting? Chicken?”
“Sorry, vegetarian.” Tuning out for the rest of the conversation he had over the phone, I closed my eyes and plopped on the oddly soft bed. As the food arrived I realized that he also got just a salad. Eyeing his food curiously, I started to feel really silly. The waiter had brought us cheesecake as well. I laughed as Max fed me cheese cake, and he gave me a questioning look.
“Oh, it’s nothing. I just wasn’t expecting this.” I pointed to the cheese cake.
“I’m going to get my pajamas.” We said at the same time and laughed. I went to may suit case and let out a yelp. “What the he/ll is this?” I exclaimed, holding up a thong.
He said nothing, just smiled, rummaging through the rest of my bag I found a pack of condom/s and a preg/nancy test. Putting them on the table, giving him a slight hint, and went on to put on Jess’s slu/tty pajamas.
I walked into the bathroom with a cute, but hor/ny, see through nightgown and black and lacy th/ong and b/ra. Hopping that my face is not to red with embarrassment, I walked out to meet him.
“Wow, you look…” He trailed off.
“Stupid?” I finished, embarrassed.
“He/ll, no! You look amazing!” he laughed and my heart jumped for the second time that night. He was in a pair of draw string Flannel pants, no shirt, just pants.
“Would you like me to take the floor?” He offered, clearly, he saw how uncomfortable I was looking at the huge bed in the center of the room.
“No, no… it’ll be fine, please; I don’t want to sleep in that big bed all alone!” I said, feeling ashamed almost immediately. He nodded as I lay down on the bed. After a second, I patted the space next to me. Hesitantly, he lay down next to me and pecked me on the cheek.
“Is that all?” I asked teasingly.
“No.” He admitted, “I was hoping that you would like to ki/ss a little bit!” He said eager. “Just let me turn the lights off.” He slid out of the bed and locked the door, shut off the lights and went to close the curtains.
Laying back down Max slid closer to me and pressed his body to mine and pulled me into a kiss. After almost ten minutes, I was feeling dizzy and pulled away. Even then, his lips didn’t leave my skin. Pressing his lips to my neckline, he ran his tongue across my throat.
Pulling me close to his chest, I kissed the side of his jaw and fell asleep.
I woke up disoriented and looked at the clock. It read six in the morning, and though I was very tired I still couldn’t fall asleep under the circumstances. I don’t know whether it is from excitement of fright. So I lay here for almost four hours, waiting for the boy, whose arms are wrapped around me, to wake up.
Slightly falling asleep, I was startled by a sudden kiss on the top of my head. He is awake. Awkwardly twisting, I tried to turn to see his face clearer. He had a wide grin and his eyes were shining as bright as any star in the sky. Bringing my index finger to his bottom lip as if to shush him and ran that same finger down his body stopping at his abs.
“So, what do you want to do today?” He asked. “I bet Jess won’t want us to stay in bed all day.” I laughed. “What?”
“I think that it was Jess’ intention to make us stay in bed.” I said, laughing again, with him this time.
“That is an intriguing idea, but I think we should go out.”
“Well Miami is a big place.”
“Oh, c’mon! We can do whatever we want!”
“Let’s go get breakfast, first.” I said, getting up unwillingly and went to my suitcase to look for something none-slu/tty to ware. Knowing Jess that would be impossible. Finally, I found something somewhat appropriate to were in public. It was a thin blue tank-top that showed a little skin and hugged every curve of my upper body and a light blue pair of jean mini-shorts.
He was ready by the time I was done. As I grabbed my purse, he grabbed my other arm and interlocked his fingers with mine. Locking the door behind us, we head outside to find something to eat in Miami. 

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