~One Time~ (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Chap.2

Hope you like this im kinda new to this soooo enjoy and comment

Chapter 1

Part 2

After talking to Justin you decide to ask your mom about it. But first i should take a shower and get dressed. After i took a shower i walked into my closet and decided to wear a blue hollister shirt and jean shorts and blue converse. Then I started walking down the stairs yelling "MOM". Im in the kitchen she said so i went in the kitchen. "Mom i was talking to Justin and he said that their was some news that didnt run by me" She told me not to freak out when she told me the news. I promised her that i wouldnt freak out. Then she told me that Justin and Patti were going to be staying in our guest house for the rest of the summer! I tried to contain all my emotions but then i couldnt so i startes screaming and jumping around. After 10 minutes of enjoyment i asked her went they were coming and she said they would be here around 6:30. i looked at the clock and it was all ready 4:30. But then i got this wierd feeling in my stomach and i thought that this might be a chance to finally get with justin.You have had a crush on him since the 1st grade. My phone went off in my pocket, i saw that it was Alex, your best friend since kindergarden. U-Hello A- Hey girly U-OMJ guess what?? A- Ummmmm you broke your leg U- NO!! Justin is coming and staying with my family!! A- Congrats i know you love him and stuff U- I do so do u want to come over l8ter? A- Yea see ya l8ter! U- Bye!
You look at the clock and it's 5:30, so you decide to take a nap. Then you hear a knock at the door you jumped and fell off the couch. In pain you walk to the door and take a deep breath and you open the door...........Comment!!!!


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