~One Time~(A Justin Bieber love story) Chap.1

Alessa Wright~ 16 yrs old~ Black hair, Blue eyes

Justin Bieber~ 16 yrs old~ Brown/Blondish hair, Brown eyes

Alex~ 15 yrs old~ Blond Hair, Green eyes

Shopia~ 15 yrs old~ Light Brown hair, Light Blue eyes

~~Sorry this 1 going to be short but the next 1 will be longer~~

Chapter 1

Part 1

You wake up to hear your mom yelling at you to get up. She finally comes in your room and yells very loudly "Alessa it's time to get up". You finally get out of bed and walks very slowly to your bathroom. Ugh i look horrible you say and then you hear your iphone going off and you run over to see who it was. You look at the caller id to that it is your best friend Justin. You-Hello? Justin-Hey Alessa U-Hey justin whats up J-Did your mom tell you the good news yet? U-Tell me what? J-I have to go talk to ya later. Well i wonder what the news is.


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