I'm in Love with My Mortal Enemy! (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I'm in Love with My Mortal Enemy! (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

here it is the draco love story! HOPE YOU ENJOY! sorry Chapters 5 and 6 are the same somehow they were entered twice and i cant delete the extra one!

Chapter 9


You had gotten up early and headed down to the Common Room to check your schedule:
Transfiguration (w/ Gryffindor [Advanced])
Herbology (w/ Ravenclaw)
History of Magic (w/ Hufflepuff)
Potions (w/ Gryffindor)
Divination (w/ Ravenclaw)
Charms (w/ Hufflepuff)
Care of Magical Creatures (w/ Gryffindor)
Yay! you thought First class of the day with Fred and George. Over the summer you grew so close to the twins, they were practically your brothers. You got dressed and headed down into the common room, on your way to breakfast when...
"Ali! Wait up!" called Blaise running down the stairs toward you.
"Hey Blaise," you said.
"Let's walk to breakfast together, we haven't talked in like forever," he said before you two exited the dungeons and walked to the Great Hall. You sat next to Blaise and yet again, Draco sat on the other side of you.
"Malfoy, what do you want?" you asked irritated
"Then go sit by Parkinson!" you exclaimed.
"I don't want to."
"You are as stubborn as a mule Malfoy." you retorted
"At least he doesn't look like one!" interrupted Pansy. Every since last year, you had never gotten along wih Pansy.
"Ooh, good comeback. Did you get it off the back of a cereal box?" you asked with a little humor. This retort made Draco, Blaise, and everyone within earshot at the Slytherin table laugh.
"Willow, I advise you don't get on my bad side-"
"There's a good side to you?" you asked and the left for Transfiguration.
"Hello Ali, how is our favorite Slytherin today?" asked Fred as he and George walked up behind you.
"Well it started off awesome, first I flew a unicorn over the rainbow to the magical land of Oz, and then I mouthed off to Parkinson and made everyone laugh, and then I hoped back on my unicorn and that's how I got here." you chuckled
"We've taught you well, Ali," said George still laughing.
You finally got to Potions class. The first time today you were going to see Seamus.
"SEAMUS!!" you exclaimed catching up to him outside of the dungeons.
"Ali, how was your summer?" he asked
"Great and you" you replied still smiling.
"Good, sorry I didn't write, I was really busy," he said
"Yeah me, too. We better hurry if we're late, Snape'll kill us!" you exclaimed
"No he'll just kill me!" chuckled Seamus. He was right, you were both late, but only Seamus got detention. You headed back to the common room later that night after researching in the library.
"Willow! You think you can get away with talking to me like that earlier?" asked Pansy as you stepped into in the dimly lit common room.
"I was kinda planning on it," you replied humorously.
"Well you were wrong!" she exclaime firing a spell in your direction. You easily deflected the spell and gingerly walked to your dorm.

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