Things happen. Run. Run faster. Run as fast as you can. Either way, it'll find you.

Chapter 1

A little bit of both......

by: honeybubs
I was only 7 or 8 when you started to like Collin Gonfrey, i liked him for him. They say he passed, he was 12 yrs. old. They say that his father did it, they say his mother did it, but they were wrong, i KNOW what happened to Collin Gonfrey. But let me spill the details, Collin and I had just finished 6th grade, we were a couple(YES!), first he disappeared, stopped going to school and everything, i was worried, and when i got the news, i was really sad. My one and only love, Collin, was gone.......(or was he???)... But it was when my best friends came over that cheered me up. 7th grade just started and we had a new girl in our class, Charlotte Mars, she was odd and she got in trouble alot right after her first week. My friends and i decided to give her a chance. My one friend, Justine, and her had alot in common, they both loved sushi, both loved animals, and both of them liked black. Charlotte grew more and more attached to Justine and they started a reletionship. They would skip classes together and once i caught them doing it in the bathroom(gross!). that was when we decided to ditch Justine and Charlotte. But things only got worse. Justine wanted to get even more serious with Charlotte. But Charlotte wanted different things, very different things. But instead, they ran away together but on Halloween i heard screaming from the woods, it was Justine! i heard these words: "STOP! HELP! PLZ!!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!" but by the time i was there Justine was gone and so was Charlotte. We all regretted kicking Justine out because we felt really really bad, but something to my surprise happened. It was beginning another new year and there was the love of my life, Collin Gonfrey. I knew it couldnt be true so i ran up to him and gave him a hug, he said "oh, i missed you too much!" and i replied with "i love you Collin, im sooo happy your back" and we went to my house after school and he told me everything.

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