im a werewolf youre a were wolf it just doesnt work out

she isnt the kind of werewolf like them. she is a shewolf. here are some signs that are part of the shewolf
red hair
born on 25 of december
the index and middle finger have the same length
loves rare or raw meat
this is the girl
oh yeah shewolves are VERY RARE according to my story so every wolf to ever lay eyes on a shewolves eyes will imprint on her. how will the guys act.

Chapter 1

how it all begins

by: LilMags
i moved to forks.i cant believe i had to.tonight was suppose to be a full moon. i got everything set and ran outside. i could feels claws ripping through my skin. i felt even more hair growing. my eyes felt wierd and i blinked hard only to have my eyes change. then i felt hair going through my skin and i blacked out.

pauls prov

me jake embry and seth were walking in the morning through the woods when i saw a naked girl asleep on the floor. "hot naked girl passed out in our woods." i said. suddenly the girl moaned and moved a little. then she got up and opened her eyes. she saw us then she looked down. she never looked us in the eyes. i couldnt even see her eye color. she noticed she had no clothes got up and ran. "that was wierd" embry said. "but HOT" seth said. "DUDE SHE MIGHT BE 16 AND YOUR 13" i said and i noticed i yelled. "sorry man." "nah its cool" i noticed jake didnt say one word. the entire rest of the day he didnt.

normal prov

i cant believe 4 boys saw me naked. especially wolves. if they looked me in the eyes it would have been hell.i noticed that theres school today. i changed and hurried to school. for some reason guys love my body. the first thing i heard when i got out my car was damn we got a hot one tonight. i rolled my eyes and walked to the office to be stop by this perv. "hey there sweet cheeks i can give you a ride home tonight. " i rolled me eyes and said. "i dont think i can fit with all the beer cans you have in your car." i tried to move and he stopped me. "you look like a dream." "go back to sleep." he kept going. “look at you with all those curves, and me with no brakes.” "a reverse might come in handy" "I can tell that you want me.” “Yes, I want you to leave." "Hey baby! That dress looks gorgeous on you! But it would look even better laying on my bedroom floor." "You're right, but the only way it'll get there is if you buy another one just like it and throw it there yourself" finally he just said. "look i know you want me." "yes i want you... to leave." i walked away. then three girls walked up to me. "you are the first girl to ever have come backs to all his sayings." "i just dont like the kid." i walked into the office. i got my schedule and map and got to the class i had to first period. the teacher was there and she told me to sit in this seat. i sat dow. then soon i heard the chair right next to me move and i saw a familiar face. i looked up.

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