Dangerously In Love- Damon Love

Dangerously In Love- Damon Love

What are we doing, could you see through me,
cause you say Gwyn and I say who me?,
and you say no you, and I say screw you,
then you start dressing and you start leaving,
and I start crying, and I start screaming,
the heavy breathing, well whats the reason,
always get the reaction you wanted,
I'm actually fronting, I'm asking you something
YO, answer this question, class is in session,
tired of letting passive aggression, control my mind,
capture my soul, ok your right just let it go

Chapter 1

Right Thru Me

by: Kailiee
You see right thru me and I didn't even notice it until now...
You love me more than anything more than Katherine...why did I let you go??? I think I did it because you knew me more than i knew myself...I had to find me before I could find us. You brought me back from that dark place and made me someone I didn't recognize when I looked into the mirror, the reflection of your eyes or the shiny windows that I passed by a thousand times. I killed Gwyn and I tried to make her what you saw but you drove me crazy because you saw through her, you saw me scared and tired of being in the same corner. I tried to run away from you but you found me every time.

2 months later
Curling my hair to go to the masquerade ball to patch things up with old friends. I finally found her, I finally found Gywnivere Elaine Stephenson. She's this beautiful green eyed, raven black haired girl who has this wonderful personality. I can't lose her again or I might die or become insane. I closed my eyes as I pulled on my dress over my lingerie and looked in the mirror as I zipped my dress. I looked at the beautiful girl staring back and smiled shyly at myself. I shook my head and pulled on my heels and sprayed myself with perfume and took in the scent as I walked over to get my necklace (not filled with vervain). I pulled on my mask and stepped out of my bedroom into the hallway where I followed the walls full of pictures of me and my family and ended at the stairway. I stepped down the stairs one by one finally feeling like me, free and gentle. I felt like a feather as I ended at the end of the stairs and then my mother was standing in front of me tears down her pale heart face. I wiped them away and held her shoulders knowing what I was about to sacrifice as I stepped out the door. She kissed both my cheeks and stepped back to let me leave. I smiled and stepped out the door and climbed into my car and drove to the Lockwood property and watched as many people parked and climbed the stairs. I parked near the road and climbed out making sure my dress didn't get wrinkled and held my hands in front of my stomach as I walked up the steps being greeted by many people. I saw someone with a drink tray and grabbed a champagne and began to sip and smelled the air full of strawberries and perfume by the gorgeous flowers around. I ran my hand down my dress and stepped out back. He was predictable at times because now he was by my side eating a strawberry. I sighed and said You always find the life of the party and he said Well always is an understatement, plus I am the life of this party. I smiled and said I stand corrected and he said You sure do, but the question is, Why are you here? and I played friendly 20 questions with him. Why are you here? you hate to dress up and you don't like Mason Lockwood that much, so explain that matter I said and he sneered and said Mason Lockwood is not what I'm here for, but the mention of his name is to wrong, let's stop talking and let our bodies do it for us. I giggled and he said Always knew how to make you smile but now its my turn to smile. I became thoughtful at him actually watching me dance this romantic dance that he would have been crazy to do it. I grabbed his hand lightly and he grabbed me up and squeezed gently and my breath caught. We began to dance to the background music of violins and a piano and then the music disappeared we were dancing to the beat of our hearts. My eyes gazed into his and his into mines and we never took the embrace of our eyes away. The dance ended and I turned to leave and he grabbed me back with a flick of his wrist and said I wasn't done with you. I saw the Damon I loved right then and my head began spinning and my mind became so clear. I heard echos of my mother's voice saying-He's no good not for you. Everything became clear at that moment.

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