Why Is It....You?

=I'll be adding more chapters when I can so please keep checking back.=

I'm bored and I'm making a love story type thing. I apologize in advance if I offend anyone. Oh and in the story you're 17.

Chapter 1

When I Wake Up.

So there you were lying half awake in your warm plush bed, trying not to think about school and how much you hated that place. You looked up and out the window, it was raining and You had to walk home. "Oh joy, Oh joy." You say in a tired and over worked voice, slowly you get up and turn to your closet. Black, black, black and gray, what perfect colors for this whole rain filled week. Quickly you pulled on a black long sleeved shirt and a black prom skirt then slipped on your old converse. With a half hearted sigh you got your backpack, bounded down the stairs and out of the house.

No one even bothered to wait for you before school anymore, and that was perfectly fine. You had gotten used to it after your parents got divorced and now your mother had to leave for work by 4. And she didn't usually come home till eight since she had two jobs. Dad never really came around anymore, he was usually strung up with his new toy, Ari. She was bleached blonde, fake green eyes and bronze skin, she was only four years older than you.

The stinging in your eyes bean again as you made your way down the muddy hill, hoping that you weren't going to fall down the rest of the way. But that would just be your luck anyway. Looking up you saw the bleary image of that four story torture chamber, outside was your ex. He already had a new girlfriend, her name was Daisee and she was the slut of the school. Sad thing was she didn't even try to hide it, and you and Jason only broke up a week ago.

Making your way through the hall your one and only friend left in the world, Mark, came up to you and greeted you. He had dark hair and grayish eyes that always made you feel better the instant he came around. Mark was a year older than you, and had known you since you were five. "So___, How was your morning? You look horrible, love." He chuckled warmly and waited for your answer.

"Well honestly it was horrific. Mom didn't put any food in the house, Liam ran away again, and these were the only clean clothes I have, not to mention I had to walk to school." You sighed and nestled your way into Mark's arms, he gave the best hugs. "Isn't your dog always running away?" Mark kissed the top of your head as you nodded yes. Soon enough the bell rang and your moment of healing disappeared.

Almost lugging your body down the rest of the hall you finally made your way to Environmental Science with Mr. Gin. Quickly you sat down and pulled out your things, today you had to take notes on a movie, everything was going smoothly until Jason entered the room. You groaned and looked over at Mark who kept his eyes pinned to Jason, you knew something was going to go down.

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