A Justin Bieber Love Story

Character Info:
Name: Carly Jones
Lives In: Seattle
Moving To:Mystic Valley in Georgia
Siblings and Parents:Jason:9 Derek:18 Allyson:12 Mom:Lisa Dad:Jack
~Pandagirl104 and Poppyfrost

Chapter 3

Part 3

The Next Morning
Well, you know how I lied to Pattie about being a cross country champ? Well I am a champ, just not at cross country. Back in Washington, I was a state champion in gymastics. I was on the state youth basketball team. But I definatly better a gymastics than basketball, just a smidge better. Another warm day, but a cool breeze teased around my neck. Drew had to bring Jason to play lazer tag, Ally and Mom went to sign Ally up for the town's rec center softball league, Dad was at work. today I kinda dressed more comfortabley. Jean shorts, a purple tee that said "Washington State Youth Basketball" on the front, "Champs of 2009! Go Lions!" on the back, and a pair of purple flipflops. (obviously my favorite color is purple, that's a no brainer.) The sun beat down on my dark hair that was pulled up in a pony tail. I streched, hoping Justin would come out soon, and then I went to work. I started off with a cartwheel, to basic. Then a backbend, a little better. Back hand spring, getting there. Then I heard a whoosing sound and PLOP! I water balloon had sailed over the fence and hit me right on the head, and it wasn't small. I was soaked! "ugh!" I cried. I stomped over to the fence to see Justin looking mortified over at me. in his bathing suit, no shirt on. If I wasn't so mad right now I would've probably drooled. I put on my most sarcastic smile. "Can I help you?" I asked, acting like he'd never called me beautiful. "Carly! uh, I'm so sorry!" He smiled, shrugging. I backed up and came at a running start and suprisingly I actually launched myself over the fence and landed on the balls of my feet. I saw a container of water balloons and I walked over and found the biggest one I could. Justin looked nervous. I walked over to him and I slammed it down on his head. His jaw dropped and I dusted myself off. "Uh, ok, Carly. Not only are you beautiful, you've got guts." He looked impressed. I shrugged,"Living with Drew." I replied. "And I don't play to get even, I play to win." He smirked. Not good. He reached for a balloon and I was sprinting towards the gate. I kicked off my shoes as I ran into my yard. Justin chased after me and cornered me. I helded my hands up. "I surrender!" I cried. He placed the balloon on the ground and picked me up and threw me on his shoulder. "Dude what are you- no! Put me down!" I cried as he walked towards the pool. Justin threw me in. The pool? Why does it always have to be the pool? I surfaced, gasping for breath. "Hasn't Drew ever threw you in a pool?" He asked as I climbed out. Justin was laughing now. "No! Because unlike you, my brother has class!" I hissed, storming off towards the house. "You look like a hot drenced cat!" He called after me. "Whatever!" I called back. "Smoking hot!" He called. I rolled my eyes and stormed up the stairs. I was swimming, but I was going to get even. I went into my room and looked down at the yard, he was on a float in the pool, eyes closed. Excellent. I slipped into my one piece Speedo suit, purple of course. And glanced out the window one last time and he was the picture of ease. Not for long. I tiptoed out into the yard and slide slilently into the pool, biting my tounge to keep quiet and not scream from the cold. I went deep under water and stopped under his float. I went to the bottom, and pushed off, arms out and knocked over his float. I heard his satisfying shriek as he crashed into the water. I tried my hardest not to laugh. I climbed onto the float and relaxed. Until I felt him climb on with me. "Let's see, I'm beautiful, I've got guts, I'm "smoking hot", I'm smart, and one more thing, Mr. Bieber, I'm competitive." I smirked. He sighed, "I like competitive girls, they keep me on my toes." I rolled my eyes. I wished I would just let myself give into him, but it wasn't gonna work. "Fat chance." I replied. Justin began to rock the float back and forth. "Don't," I said sternly. "To late!" He cried and we were both tipped. We laughed together. I pulled myself out of the pool, followed by Justin. "Need a towel?" I asked. "Yeah, please." I went into the little shed we had and found two towels. I handed one to him and layed mine down in the sun. Justin did the same. We lied down. "So, are we friends, or what?" He asked me. I looked up at the sky. Wow, that's something you don't get asked everyday. "Yeah, sure. Even though we've only known each other for, what, like, 48 hours?" I said as I turned over on my side to face him, propping myself up on my elbow. He did the same. "But it seems like longer, I told you that already!" Justin rolled his eyes and tapped his index finger on my nose playfully, like your dad or mom does. His touch sent a shiver down my spine, and my stomach dropped. Like when you get suprised, with detention or concert tickets. In this case, it felt like concert tickets. "How about this, we go shower up, change, and meet each other back here in twenty?" I asked, standing up. Justin nodded and handed me my towel.
20 minutes later
I knew exactly what I was going to do. I put on my tall slouch boots, skinny jeans, a dark blue plaid short sleeved riding shirt, and pulled my hair back again, this time into a messy bun. When I walked out, Justin looked confused. "What the?" He asked. I took in his apperance, basketball shorts and a plaid shirt. Close enough. "Ok, close your eyes and follow me." I said, taking his hand. He closed his eyes. I pulled him to the ranch. Justin's eyes opened when he heard a neigh. "I'm going to ride my horse Victory, and you'll ride Ally's horse, Max." I told him. Justin's eyes widened. "Yes, I'll teach you how to ride a horse." I said. "But...isn't Max a dog's name?" He asked timidly. TBC

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