A Justin Bieber Love Story

Character Info:
Name: Carly Jones
Lives In: Seattle
Moving To:Mystic Valley in Georgia
Siblings and Parents:Jason:9 Derek:18 Allyson:12 Mom:Lisa Dad:Jack
~Pandagirl104 and Poppyfrost

Chapter 25

My Dilemma...

As we pulled up next to his tour bus, my phone beeped in my pocket. That was Nick's beep.
Tell him I'm sorry. :)
I stared blankly at the message as Justin stared at me. "What is it?" He nudged me softly. I shook my head to clear it, then put the phone away. "Nothing, just... It's nothing." We got out of the car, Justin took my hand firmly in his. He opened the door to the bus and my jaw dropped. We were standing in the middle of a kitchenette slash living room. "Jeez, it's like a mini house!" I exclaimed, walking in to explore. I heard him give a slight chuckle. I put my guitar case down in the middle of the kitchen, then wandered into what seemed to be his bed room. A few posters of hockey players were on the walls with... a signed poster of Beyonce. I rolled my eyes Of, course. Only you Justin, I thought. I looked in an empty closet (except for an old pair of socks.) Then found a half empty tube of hair gel. I popped open the cap and saw gel crusted around the edge. I squeezed and sniffed. "Eck!" I squealed. Blue gunk coated my face in little spots. Justin came running in, "Carly! What-" His hand flew to his mouth when I turned to face him. When his hand came down, he bit his lip. "Funny, funny, funny." I rolled my eyes as he came closer. "Curiosity killed the Carly, that's what I always say." Justin replied in a matter-of-factish voice. "What kind of teen heartthrod slash singer keeps old socks, crusty hairgel tubes, hockey players, and Beyonce on their tour bus?!" I laughed. "Oh. You caught that..." He chuckled. "A huh," I nodded. "Let me clean you up." He took me by the hand, then we walked into the bathroom. Justin lifted me up onto the counter, found a wash cloth and wet it, then began to carefully clean my face. "I'm not two, you know." I smiled. "Yes, but you've got an angel's face, it needs gentle care." He grinned up at me. "Always taking the chance to make my knees weak," I looked up, then sighed. After a few minutes of unspoken words going between the two of us, his phone buzzed. "Sorry, my turn to be rude. Do you mind?" Justin said. I told him to go ahead, then continued to clean my face. Every few minutes he would chuckle, once he bursted out with laughter. I pressed my ear to the closed bathroom door. "Carly won't mind, I'm sure of it. There's still plenty of room at her place." Justin waited. "Okay, can't wait to see you. Bye." I rushed back and made myself very concerned with a certain section of my cheek. "Hey, what's up?" He asked, as if he didn't know. "Nothing much. Just, you know, cleaning up." I said, pursing my lips. Don't be a busy body, Carls. Do not ask who called. "So, you don't have any questions..." He trailed off, looping his arms around my waist tightly. "Umm, am I supposed to?" I replied, after rubbing the last bit off. "No, but I do want to hear you play on one of my guitars. If you don't mind." He pulled me into his room again. I sat down on his bed, then was handed one of his guitars, obivously not his favorite. Not even I have been able to even be in the same room as it, yet. I strummed a bit of 'Jingle Bells', the only song I've ever committed to memory. Yes, 'Jingle Bells'. "Wow, you're pretty good." Justin smiled, but I was about to burst. "Oh, dear God, I can't take it!" I puffed. His face stretched into a classic Justin smile. "Selena called, if that's what you're wondering."
Back at home
"Selena is welcome to stay for the week while she's here." Mom said. Justin was outside, making a snowman with Ally and Jay. Patty and Derek were out grocery shopping. "But, Mom! I'm not really comfortable with that. And we don't have any room. Justin would have to stay in my room." I suggested. "Nope, not going to happen." Mom's lips puckered. "You can just stay in the basment. Or even share a room. Like a sleepover." "Yes, Mom, the sleepover from hell." I rolled my eyes. "Carly, watch your tongue, got it?" She snapped. "We're nothing alike." I shot. "She rides horses, Justin said she loves horses. It'll give you someone to ride with." Mom reasoned. "So what! Derek rides, and I don't get along with him. Just because to people like horses doesn't mean they become like Miley and Lily, or Alex and Harper, or Carly and Sam." I rambled. "One: you two are siblings, it's expected. Two, she is Alex, and you are Carly." Mom grinned, catching me red handed. "Ugh!" I stomped out of the kitchen. Lovely. "Ally! Come here! NOW!" I called out the door. Ally trudged grudingly to me. "Yeah?" She asked, annoyed. "Wanna help me get Selena Gomez to never go near Justin again?" I proposed. "SELENA GOMEZ IS COMING?" She gasped. "I never said-" I was cut of by screaming. Of course, even she's on board. So, I guess this is a bit of a problem. I can't help but think of my little nightmare, and became afraid that I'd lose Justin again, forever.

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