A Justin Bieber Love Story

Character Info:
Name: Carly Jones
Lives In: Seattle
Moving To:Mystic Valley in Georgia
Siblings and Parents:Jason:9 Derek:18 Allyson:12 Mom:Lisa Dad:Jack
~Pandagirl104 and Poppyfrost

Chapter 2

Part 2

The next morning
The next morning was very nice, yet hot. There were little girls across the street jumping through sprinklers and I heard the low hum of a lawn mower outside my window. While I was sitting on my bed on my laptop, studying up on Justin. He plays the trumpet, guitar, piano, and drums. Got it. He doesn't like you to ask him his favorite color. Okay. He loves it when a girl kisses him on the neck. Okay! Too far! I slammed my laptop and stared at a magazine I'd bought at a convenient store on or way home the night before. It had Justin's face on it, and he had the dreamiest look in his eyes. I leaned closer to it and closed my eyes, puckering my lips. I was an inch from his paper lips when my dad walked in noisely and said, "Whatcha doin, kiddo?" I jumped and threw the magazine across my room. "N-Nothing," I stammered. "Well, it's nice out. Stop pretending to kiss Justin and get some exercise." I blushed and turned away from him. He finally left and closed the door, so I jumped up and grabbed the magazine from the corner, flattening it against the wall. I sighed, looking down at the floor, as my heart raced. Maybe I'd go say hi to Justin. I changed into some Soffe shorts and an old Packers t-shirt, then pulled my hair up and put on some long socks that went up to my knees. I went downstairs and tied on my purple Nike's, then texted Mal that I'd call her in a few hours and that I was busy. I threw my phone on the coach and went outside. I heard a loud whinny from our horse ranch out back as I began towards our outdoor gym for some warm-up stretches. "Justin! I made you some lemonade!" I heard from the porch of our very special neighbors' house. My heart stopped for a moment and so did my body. I imagined Justin; sweaty and hot, drinking cold lemonade with his shirt off then shaking the sweat from his hair. Looking up at me and winking, as a drop of sweat rolled down his fit body. I got the perfect idea, when I realized I was staring. "Hi, Carly!" I heard Pattie say from the porch. I shook my head, erasing the thought from my mind and smiling, "Hey, Miss Mallette!" I wasn't sure what to call her. She waved her hand dismissively, "Please, call me Pattie." I nodded. "Just come back from a run?" she asked, setting a pitcher of lemonade on a small glass table. I got nervous and said, "Yes, actually. 3 miles." Pattie picked the pitcher of lemonade back up, "Wow! And this heat didn't even touch you! You're not sweating at all." I shrugged, "I was a state champ in cross country back in Washington." She picked up a glass and began to pour some lemonade, "Well, would you like a drink?" I smiled, feeling guilty for the lie I'd just told her, "Well, actually I was about to take a cool-down swim. But thanks for the offer." Pattie just set the glass down and tried to hide the bit of hurt on her face, "Oh, well, just yell if you need anything." I waved and started back for the house, "Thanks Mis- Pattie!" When I got ot of sight I ran upstairs to change into a cute bikini.
After changing
I walked slickly through the patio and onto our deck. We had a 9 foot deep recatngular inground pool with a 3 foot shallow end and a diving board, water slide, and floating bar in the corner. Yeah, I could get used to this. I sat on the waters edge, dipping my toes in. It was chilly, but I was already sweating. I was wearing a thin black bikini that said Hollister in neon letters spread out from one side to the other, and the bottoms had Co. on my back side in hot pink. It was really cute, I had to say. My hair was piled on the top of my head into a messy bun and I was wearing big sunglasses. In my opinion, I was, well, hot. I heard faint conversation going on next door and decided to check it out. "Hello?" I called out, standing up and walking toward Justin's house. "Carly? Is that you? Are you alright sweetheart?" I finely got in sight of Justin and Pattie and looked surprised on purpose, "Oh, yes, I'm fine. Sorry I walked over here like.... this.... I just wanted to see if anyone wanted to swim-" "Why, hello," Justin said in a low voice, looking me over. I smiled at him and wrapped my towel around my waist, feeling like a slut. He was gleaming in the sun, sweat rolling down his chest like I'd imagined. I tried not to drool. "I'd love to!" Justin exclaimed, "can I mom?" Pattie looked around the yard approvingly, "Sure, why not." Justin ran upstairs and Pattie smiled at me, "He thinks you're hot." I blushed deeply and studdered, "Um, haha, th-thanks." I made my way back to the pool the threw the towel by the divingboard and put a float in the water.
Five minutes later
Just lying on the float, eyes closed behind dark sunglasses is one of the most relaxing things I could ever think of doing. Which is why I was, infact, doing it. "Hey, baby." I jumped, my sunglasses falling into the water. I was too jumpy today. I needed to calm down. "Hey, Justin," I said, trying to act cool about it. I looked down at my sunglasses as Justin said, "I got it." He jumped into the pool and when he came up he was holding my glasses in his hand. "Here ya go." I smiled at him. His face was just inches away from mine. He leaned closer. "Thanks," I said quietly, not letting my gaze leave his eyes. He got even closer. He was scary close to my face when he whispered back, "You're welcome," then tipped my float. I came up screaming, and Justin was at the top of the slide laughing. We played around for a a few hours until it got dark. My family had gone to the movies but I wanted to stay with Justin. Pattie had gone to the store, and Justin and I were alone in the dark. I was kind of afraid he was going to make a move. We were throwing quarters into the deep end blindly and racing to get them, but on one particular throw, we reached it at the same time, or hands connecting underwater. I felt a shock through my body. I looked up at Justin and he was grinning at me. I grabbed the quarter and raced to the top before I did something stupid. Justin met me up there and I swam to the shallow end. "That was so unfair! Your gorgeous face distracted me!" he whined. I blushed, glad it was dark so he couldn't see it. Somehow he did, "Awww, you're blushing!" I turned to him, "Am not."
"Not." He touched my cheek. "It's hot, you're blushing." He moved his hand down my neck to my arm to my waist and rested it there. He put his other hand on my waist and I put my arms arond his neck. We slowly rocked back and forth, and he began to hum "With You". He pulled me closer to him, and rested his forehead against mine. "You're beautiful, you know that?" I smiled, "I do because of you." He nodded, "Good, a girl needs to know when she's beautiful." He was so sappy. He moved his lips closer to mine, then whispered, "Is it just me, or does it feel like we've known each other for years?" I shrugged, "I guess." He chuckled, "Well, I don't know how I lived for those years without this. I know you probably hear that guys say this a lot, but you're not like other girls." How could you be so romantic? I saw headlights in Justin's driveway as he backed away from me, "Well, I've gotta go. Seeya later." I sighed, "I'd prefer sooner." He winked and got out of the pool, walking towards his house. His arm lifted and I heard a tiny plop, then saw the shiney quarter falling, falling, falling, to the bottom of the deep end.

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