A Justin Bieber Love Story

Character Info:
Name: Carly Jones
Lives In: Seattle
Moving To:Mystic Valley in Georgia
Siblings and Parents:Jason:9 Derek:18 Allyson:12 Mom:Lisa Dad:Jack
~Pandagirl104 and Poppyfrost

Chapter 1

Part 1

Even the last day I'm living in Seattle it still rains. Even though the weather man's forecast was 'Sunny, Sunny in Seattle today, folks! With temps in the high 70s.' Yeah temperatures in the high seventies! What a loser! Even though it won't be as hard for me to adjust, Mom homeschools Me, Ally, Jay, and Derek, It's still gonna stink just as much to lose Malory and Nick! Oh, sorry, I didn't introduce myself. My name is Carly Jones, I'm 16, and as soon as I get into Georgia, I'm declaring myself as a poor, unfortunate soul. I'm not the type to cry though. Malory, Nick, and I all sat on the front steps to our house that could never, ever be replaced. Malory had tears rolling down her face, Nick had his arm around my shoulders. We watched my Mom and Dad load the last of our stuff into the car. Jason and Carly were giving there friends last minute good bye hugs. Derek, being the annoying jerk he was, was making out with his girlfriend, and of course Dad, being the super dad he was, slapped his butt and Derek swore really loudly. His girlfriend just rolled his eyes. "All right, last call for the Jones family to Mystic Valley!" Dad called. We all stood up. "Well, guys, I guess this is it, I'll cya on Christmas vacation." I sighed. Malory hugged me tightly. "Bye, Carls." Nick sighed as he hugged me. "Miss ya already." I said. "Call us every day." Mal said. I smiled at her. We loaded into the car. Dad beeped the horn and all our friends waved. I waved out my window as we rolled down the street and didn't stop waving until they were out of sight. I was leaving my whole life behind, here in Seattle, for a bunch of Southern Accents and a trip to Disney World every couple of months. And you know what, it was SO not worth it.
Pulling into the new house's driveway
I opened the car door and slamed it shut before anyone else could get out. I went to the back and opened the trunk to grab all my things, a cardboard box, a duffle bag, and my backpack. The rest had already been moved into my room. I stalked up to the house, using the new key Mom and Dad had gave me and opened the door. It was georgous of course, hard wood floors, an entrance hall, a coat closet, the brand new living room set, the huge staircase, it looked practically like a mansion. No, it was a mansion. We lived on a caldosac(sp?) full of updated mansions. Big woop. I ran up the stairs case and I remembered what Dad told me 'You're room is second on the left' Second door to the left. I opened it and found what had to be my dream room. Purple walls and a heather carpet, heather trim, a huge bed with purple bedding and heather flowers, a real desk with a apple desktop! Ahh! I put my laptop next to it. A flat screen tv and oh, my gosh! Was that a walk in closet? I ran to the closet and opened the door and swithched the light on, yes it was! With all my clothes in it! All my posters and pictures and basketball tropheys and everything were set up! All I needed to do was unpack my little stuff I'd brought on the plaine with me. I was so thrilled! Well, until I went downstairs. I ran into my Dad's arms, then into my mom's. "Oh, Moma, I love my new room!" I cried. "Glad to hear kiddo. Hey, I was thinking..." She said. "Oh, great, she's thinking again." Derek rolled his eyes. "I want you kids to get dressed into your best clothes, because I heard town hall was throwing a little dinner party tonight, the whole town was invited. It is a small town after all." "Yeah, population of zero." Ally muttered. "I'm not going." I snapped. "What a joke." And I stormed back to my fabulous, new room.
In the car.
"I can't believe you wore those converse, Ally!" Mom said, looking at Ally's shoes. "What? They're clean." She said. I looked down at my own outfit.Black leggings, purple flowish top, black tall slouch boats, classic Carly. My hair was pulled back into a ponytail, hair sprayed down. The most sharp ones in the car were Jay and Drew, blazers and slackes with dress shoes, untucked dress shirts. Mom with her blue evening gown and heels. What? I never said it was a poor town full of hill billies. We were rich, high class people. Dad looked like Jason and Drew, only with a tie. Carly wore a white dress with a velvet red sweater and of course, those clean black high tops that she wore on special ocasions. Dad pulled into the town hall parking lot, were a bunch of other nice cars were parked. I stepped out of the car. I strut into the hall thingy, what ever it was, followed by my family. We were seated by a old lady. And of course, we were seated at a table with a woman, no kids. Of course, we were the only kids here! Everyone left there kids at home. "Hello, I'm Lisa , this is Jack, Derek's 18, Jason is 9, Ally is 12, and Carly is 16." Mom smiled at the woman. They shoke hands. She beamed at me and I smiled back. "I'm Patricia, but you can call me Patti. Carly, did I hear your mother correctly? Are you 16?" She addressed me. I nodded. "Well, my son is actually 16, I had no one to watch him tonight, all though he insisted he was perfectly capable of staying home alone!" She laughed, followed by Mom and Dad. "Don't they all?" My mother said. "He's just in the bathroom. Are you new to town?" She asked. Mom said yes and I just took out my phone and texted Nick. I heard Patti say she lived next door to us. It's funny, don't you hate it when parents assume just because you're the same age, you can get along with anyone your age? I do. And of course, the kid had his jacket next to my chair. He must've been sitting next to me. "Ah! Here he is! This is my son, Justin everyone." They greeted each other, blah blah blah. I heard Ally gasp. She must've thought the dude was cute. I didn't even look at the kid. I was to obsorbed in my own little bubble, Nick was telling me Mal had cried her eyes out. The kid sat down and my fingers texted away. "Carly, aren't you going to say hello to Justin?" Dad asked me. "Hey," I said absentmindedly. Still not bothering to look up. "Hi," He said. I dropped my phone in my lap, startled. I knew that voice! Where did I know that voice from? Gosh, I was gonna kill myself if I didn't remember! I looked up and bit my lip. Who was sitting next to me you might ask? Justin Bieber, the boy whoose music blasted from Carly's room, his posters were on her wall. And to tell you the truth, I'd never addmitted to liking him, although Mallory did. And I thought he was kinda cute. He was smiling at me. I smiled back, keeping it cool like I did around Chris, my crush from my old school. "Uh, I'm Carly. Nice to meet you." I said. He held out his hand. I shoke it. "Justin." He said. Butterflies flittered around my stomach, I felt lightheaded. What was I gonna do? I had just acted like a totally jerk around this kid! But before we had a chance to say anything else, food was being brought out.
"That was really, really good." I said, running my fingers through my hair like I always did when I was nervous. Justin flipped his hair, like I'd seen him do on tv when he was neverous. He seemed to take a liking to all of us. "Gosh! Look at the time! Patti, we've gotta run, Jack has work tomorrow morning at eight. Why don't you come over for coffee tomorrow at around tenish?" Said Mom as she stood up, followed by Jay, Derek, Ally, and Dad. "All right, it's a date." They'd exchanged phone numbers and stuff already. I stood up after Patti and Justin as we all walked out to the car. I walked next to Derek, but Justin pulled me back. "Uh, Carly?" He said, nervously. "Yep?" I said. "Uh, I was...wondering, uh, maybe err...gosh I've just gotta say it! Can I get your number?" He stumbled over his words, holding out his phone. "Uh, yeah." I passed him mine. "Thanks. I'll call you." He said as he walked to his car after we gave phones back. "Cool." I called after him, my heart beating liek a race horse. JUSTIN BIEBER HAD JUST ASKED FOR MY PHONE NUMBER! to be continued...

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