hating’ on you, loving’ on you (intro)

hey this is really short cause its only a intro thing,
i was gonna post this on fanfiction last year but never got to it,
so i wanna post it here,
tell me if you want me to continue writing it,
and i might also write another story...... but im not use what about yet,
and i might use someones name for that so MSG me if you wanna be in the next story.
thank you

Chapter 1


Emmet and Bella are the school heart throbs. Bella hates Emmet, and Emmet hates Bella. Emmett is a jock (captain of the football team) and is also the bad boy of the school. Bella is an RnB dancer at RnB dance academy and is cheerleader what happens when Emmet gets caught smuggling alcohol, he gets community service around Bella’s studio, what will happen?


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