Old Flame, New spark: A "Was it Really Meant to be?" Series.

Thank you for taking this, er, story! =) Your support means so much to me! Enjoy the story! Sorry in advance for any parts that take a long time to come out. This is an extension of "Was it Really Meant to Be?" So I advise you read that entire story first before reading this one.

Chapter 19

And It Took Half of Me With It... Series Finale

Your alarm clock woke you up with a start. You knew that it was Saturday and wondered why you set your alarm clock. And then it hit you. You were supposed to meet Tyler at the airport. You rolled up out of bed and began what you knew would be a painful journey to the airport. You threw on some clothes and headed out the door, still hoping that no one would recognize you. You arrived at the airport, not really wanting to go inside. Your nose and eyes began to sting, but you refused to let the tears come. You walked around a while, trying to figure out where he was. And there he was. Standing, all tall and handsome with his hands in his pockets. He looked like he was waiting for something and you guessed it was you. He spotted you and his eyes locked with yours. His entire face lit up and that perfect smile of his spread across his face, suddenly going right through you, making your entire body tingle. You hated when he did that but you absolutely adored it. "Hey." he said, a little awkward. "Hi." you said, just as awkward. Maybe you were a little worse. "So where are you going?" "Home I guess." "All the way to Toronto?" "No, like home, home. Like where we grew up, home. My folks thought that there might be a little too much drama waiting for us in Canada, so they bought a house there. I be next door to your folks or anything, but close enough." "Yeah, I guess." "And we can text and write-" "Look how well that turned out the first time..." "Oh, right." You heard them announce Tyler's flight over the loudspeaker. He quickly grabbed you and held you close. It almost hurt, but you cherished it. "Guess this is it." He whispered. He kissed your forehead and began to walk off. His hand slowly slipped out of yours and he walked off without looking back. You sat in the lobby until you saw his plane take off. And it took half of you with it...

You got back to Allysa's and felt empty. That was it. A quick hug and he was off. But there was one thing you suddenly realized. It wasn't Tyler you really wanted. You wanted love. You loved the idea of being in love with your best friend and having your happily ever after. The entire time that you were looking for the perfect guy, you were chasing the wrong one. And you thought back, way back, to Shaun. You picked up your cell, his phone number was still on speed dial... "Hello?"

The End.

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