Old Flame, New spark: A "Was it Really Meant to be?" Series.

Thank you for taking this, er, story! =) Your support means so much to me! Enjoy the story! Sorry in advance for any parts that take a long time to come out. This is an extension of "Was it Really Meant to Be?" So I advise you read that entire story first before reading this one.

Chapter 18

This Changes Nothing and Everything

[Tyler's POV]

Their eyes burned. It felt like their eyes were going straight through my chest and into my heart with a searing pain that I couldn't describe. I looked at my parents in the front row. Mom was crying and Dad never looked prouder. Not even at my graduation. I looked at the audience and the cameras, everyone just waiting for a show. I looked at Jamie's parents. They looked at me as if I held thier entire lives in my hands. And I kinda did. They would have nothing without me. They would be nothing without me, and we all knew it. I saw Jamie. Not that I didn't look at her everyday, but for the first time I saw her. And that was it. Her. I didn't see "us" or "we" or growing old with her. I didn't see kids or grandkids. I didn't see happy Thanksgivings or Christmases. All I saw was everything she put me through, everything she put _ throught and I had been too blind to see it before. And then I looked a her. _ was looking back at me with tears in her eyes watching what is about to be the worst mistake of my life. I thought about how it was so sad that I miss her and she's standing right in front of me. My heart began to burn again. Jamie cleared her throat waiting for me to answer. "I...I can't do this." Everyone gasped. "Tyler sweetie, what are you doing?" Jamie said through her teeth. "Leaving." I said bluntly. I turned to walk out but Jamie grabed my by the arm. "TYLER! You can't just leave!" "Yeah, I can!" "But-" "You know what Jamie, I am sick and tired of your bull! You are a concieted, self centered, slutty betch!" The crowd gasped in shock again, some people 'oooh'ed. "You think I don't know what you do behind my back? You think I don't know about your cheeting and your lying and backstabbing? You know what, I'm gonna be the better person. I wish you the best, just not with me." "Tyler PLEASE!" she called after me. "Oh yeah, one more thing. I know you're pregnant and I know it's not mine." I left and decided that I didn't wanna be there when all hell broke loose on national television.

[Your POV]

Your mouth was open in pure shock. Everyone in the audience was whispering and gasping. Jamie looked lost for a moment, the she snapped right back. "TURN THOSE CAMERAS OFF!!!" she yelled, charging at a few camera men. She knocked down a couple cameras. Her face was red and she looked even crazier than she normally did. "AND YOU!" she said, pointing straight at you. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SAY TO HIM?!?!" "I didn't say anyt-" "What did you say?! You said something! You just can't stand for anyone else to be happy! You just ruined my day to be spiteful!!! This is all your fault! You just had to ruin my day because you just can't stand for anyone else to have a man you lonely azz, man-stealing bit-" she began to say as you cut her off with a backhand slap to the face. Before you even realized what happend, she fell to the ground. She sat there with a shocked look on her face, and you were just as shocked as she was. "I can't believe I just did that." "Neither can I." Allysa said, staring at you wide-eyed. You had to admit, I did feel pretty good. Jamie's face began to turn red again. "Can I give you some quick advise?" Allysa whispered. "What?" "Run." she said, pushing you towards the back exit. "I'm gonna kill that betch!!! I'm gonna KILL 'ER!!!" you heard Jamie scream. You ran outside and was greeted by what felt like thousands of photographers and news reporters. "What connection do you have to Jamie Donahue?" "Are you her husband's mistress?" "Is Jamie really pregnant?" A million questions were thrown at you. You pushed through the sea of reporters and caught a cab back to Allysa's house. "Here we are." the cab driver said. "I just have to run inside and grab some cash." "Fine, the meter's still runnin though." "Alright." You walked inside and turned on the lights. "Hey." a voice said, scaring you. It was just Tyler. "What are you doing here? How'd you get in?" "I came to talk to you. And everyone knows that Allysa keeps a key under her welcome mat." He laughed. "Yeah. Well there's a cab driver outside that I gotta pay and he's still got the meter running..." "I got it." Tyler said, reaching into his pocket. He pulled out his walet and stepped outside. "Why are you here?" You asked Tyler as he walked back inside. "To get away from all those news reporters." He smiled. "And..." "And to thank you. You didn't have to tell me, but I'm glad you did, so thank you." "You're welcome." "I'm just sorry I didn't see it sooner, ya know?" "Yeah, we're all blind to some things I guess..." He walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you. "I'm so sorry." he whispered into your hair. His smell made you dizzy, but you loved it. A tear rolled down your cheek. "I know." you answered, fighting more tears. "I miss you." "I miss you too." He leaned back for a second, his face getting closer to yours. It felt like the breath was being sucked out of you. "OH MY GOSH!!!" Allysa said, inturrupting. "There are news reporters crawling all over my front yard! I don't know how I'm gonna explain this to my landlord-and what is he doing here?" "I was just leaving." Tyler explained. "No, no, you stay. I'll just be in my room...you crazy kids have fun now." She said, slipping into her room. "I'd better go anyway." Tyler said. "Talk to you later?" "I guess." he said as he slowly slipped out the door.

"AHHHH!!!" Allysa's scream woke you out of a deep sleep. You ran into the living room to see what was the matter. "You are on tv!!!" "What?" you said, still a little dizzy from getting out of bed so quickly. "You're on E!News!" "Why?" "Just look!" you sat down next to Allysa on the couch as she turned up the TV. "Donahue/Dawson wedding gone awry! And a bridesmaid of Jamie Donahue may be to blame." There was a clip of you slapping Jamie played over and over about three times. "Details tonight at 6." "OMG!!! You're famous!!!" "More like infamous. She's the betch and I look like the bad guy." "SO? You're on E! News!!! E!!!! You could even see me in the corner of the shot! I looked so hot!" "Well now I can't even go out in public." "Ok, come on. Not that many people watch it." She said as she turned the channel, and once again you saw the clip of you slapping Jamie. She kept turning and every other channel showed the wedding. Sometimes it was the slap in the face, others it was Tyler telling Jamie off. Either way, the wedding was all over tv. "I won't be able to show my face for the next year!" you moaned. "Ok, don't be rediculous! America's attention span isn't that long..." "Thank God!" "It'll be 3 months tops!" "Great." you said, covering your face with a pillow. "Well, I have to go to class. You gonna stay home today." "Yep." "It's not that bad..." "It's not your face." "Fine. Do what you want." She said, walking out the door. You sat there wondering what to do. You couldn't go somewhere, too many people knew about...well... and you couldn't stay and watch TV, you were afraid of what you were going to see. You knew Tyler didn't have class today so you would just sneak over to his apartment. You got a hoodie, a baseball cap and a pair of shades and headed out the door. Your taxi got to Tyler's and you could see a U-Haul truck parked outside the building. You passed by a few men carring down furniture in the halls. You knocked on Tyler's door as a couple men carried out a loveseat. "Hey, _, come on in." "Tyler, what's going on?" "Well, some of this stuff is Jamie's and, well, they have to liquidate this stuff to pay off debt." "Oh." "Yeah. So I guess I gotta go furniture shopping. Awesome." He said as he plopped down on a couch. "I'll come with. If you want me to." "Sure, why not." he said smiling. "Scuse me, we gotta take this too." one of the delivery guys said. You both got up and sat on the floor. "I thought you were supposed to be in class today?" "Yeah, well...something happened and I don't exactly wanna show my face..." "Oh, that whole slapping Jamie thing? Don't worry, she deserved it." "YOU HEARD?!" "Everyone's heard. It went viral!" "Ah geez." you said, covering you face. "Don't worry, it'll be okay." "Easy for you to say." "So now what? Are you just gonna stay home until things die down?" "Thinkin about it." "You'll be fine. You don't have to transfer schools." "You're leaving?" he shrugged. "Why? So you're just gonna get up and leave just like that?" "I can't stay were Jamie is. I won't do it." "So when are you leaving?" "Tomorrow. I'm gonna transfer schools." "To where?" "I'll figure all that out later." "Oh. Have fun." "I'll try. Hey Tyler?" "Yeah?" "Do you think we still have a chance? Together?" He paused for a moment. "I don't know." "You think we should try?" "The truth?" You nodded. "I don't think so. I mean, look at all the trouble it's caused us." "Yeah, but everything's led me back to you. There were times when I tried to move on, but you were the only thing holding me back." "I'm tired and I'm scarred from trying to put our broken relationship back together piece by piece and it seems like every time I get the pieces back together it falls apart and it gets harder and harder to fix. I can't keep doing this. We keep saying that things are gonna be different but it never is. Ever. My plane leaves tomorrow at 8." "You going back to Canada?" "For now at least." "Will I ever see you again?" "Of course." "I'll meet you at the airport to say goodbye then." "Alright." "See you tomorrow?" "Yeah." You walked out the house without another word. You knew that there was no use to argue. Everything he said made sense. Just keep it how it is and leave it at that. It hurt too bad to try and fix a relationship that would always be like a vase at the edge of a table waiting to fall and break again.

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