Old Flame, New spark: A "Was it Really Meant to be?" Series.

Thank you for taking this, er, story! =) Your support means so much to me! Enjoy the story! Sorry in advance for any parts that take a long time to come out. This is an extension of "Was it Really Meant to Be?" So I advise you read that entire story first before reading this one.

Chapter 17

The Wedding

You couldn't believe what you had just heard. Just then Allysa walked through the door. "ALLYSA!!!! LOOOK!!! LOOK LOOK LOOK!!! THERE!!!" "What?!?! What are you talking...yelling about?" "Look at the news!" "Ew, you know I don't watch that. The only news I watch is TMZ." "Just please look at the screen!!!" "Alright! Um...Tennessee man spots Sasquatch while deer hunting..." "NO NO! The other one!" "Oh. Donahue fortune lost...blah blah blah...thousands of jobs lost...blah blah blah...Donahue Billionaires now broke. And?" "AND...who do we know with the last name Donahue?" "Wait, isn't that Jam-" "YES!!!" "Oh no. Should we tell Tyler or do you think he knows?" "I don't know, they said they only filed bankruptcy this afternoon. Jamie might not even know." "Wow, so now what?" "I guess...well we shouldn't get in the middle..." "Or maybe we should." "When? Tomorrow is the wedding and it'll be too late by then." "Well, if he doesn't find out, whenever they say 'speak now or forever hold your peace' just say something then." "In front of all those people? Yeah, lovely." "Well I don't see you coming up with anything better." "Fine. We'll tell him the morning before the wedding. Let's just go to bed 'kay?" "Alright, fine." You went to bed, but got no sleep. The thought of telling Tyler about something this big would change everything. The money was the only thing keeping them attached, right. So no money, no relationship, no marriage, no Tyler and Jamie. You lingered on the thought that you still might have a chance as you drifted seamlessly to sleep.

The next morning your alarm clock woke you up with a start. It was the day of the wedding and you couldn't be less excited. You slowly climbed out of bed and dragged yourself to the kitchen. "Rise and shine sleepy head!" Allysa called. "Ughhh!" "So you decide what you're gonna do yet?" "I'm gonna tell him. I mean, that's what friends are for, right?" "I just hope you know what you're doing." "Well obviously I don't!" "Doesn't matter because we have to be there in 2 hours and you haven't even taken a shower yet." she said with her mouth stuffed with muffin. You turned around and took your shower and put on the bridesmaid dress that seemed to burn every inch of flesh it touched. When you stepped out of your room Allysa was finished getting ready. "You ready?" she asked. "Ready as I'll ever be..." You both took a taxi to the chapel.
You and Allysa pulled up to an amazing church. It was huge and the architecture was something you would see in an Italian pamphlet. There were news reporters and limos everywhere. You guessed that Jamie must have been pretty popular in Canada. Before your eyes got too carried away a man came up to the both of you. "Bridal party?" he asked. He looked really bored. You wanted to say 'no we're the clowns for the entertainment at the reception! What the hell do you think!?' But you just nodded and followed him. He lead you to the back entrance and up a winding grand staircase and into the room that Jamie was getting ready in, and she was in full blown bridezilla mode. "WHERE IS IT?!?!" "I don't know? Maybe you left it in the-" a small timid girl who was also a bridesmaid squeaked out. "NO!!! I checked there! MAYBE YOU LEFT IT!" she yelled. "AND WHERE IS MY LATE?!?! I ASKED FOR IT AN HOUR AGO!!!" "Sweetie calm down!" "Don't tell me to CALM DOWN MOTHER!!!" "Ok! I'm through, I'll be out there! I don't need this, not at my age!" The rest of the bridesmaids, wedding planers, and other people scrambled around trying to fulfill Jamie's yelled orders. This chaos was the perfect opportunity to run and find Tyler before the wedding. You slipped out the door and no one seemed to notice. You walked down twisting and winding hallways and knocked on countless doors until you found it. It wasn't hard to spot considering there was a huge body guard stationed in front of the door. "Excuse me sir," you said in the cutesiest voice you could manage, "is that the room the groom just happens to be in by any chance?" He looked at you crossly and continued to ignore you. "Well I have an important message for him." "Yeah yeah, can't this wait 'till after da weddin' sweetheart?" He said in a thick and husky New Yorker accent. "No, see, I have to tell him now!" "Is anyone bleedin?" "No?" you said a bit confused. "Anyone diein'?" "No..." "Does anyone have a life-tretnin' jury?" "No." "Well don't boda me 'till someone does, capiche?" "Please?!" "I have specific ordas miss..." "No, it's fine." You heard Tyler say from behind the door. "Tyler! I really need to talk to you...in private." Tyler led you down the hall into another room. "What, are you okay?" "I'm fine but, Ty she's broke!" "What?" "She's broke! She has no money, all of it's gone! It's GONE Tyler!" "What are you talking about?" "This morning, on the news. Her family is broke. Her family and the company filed for bankruptcy yesterday afternoon!" "Why? How?" "I don't know? But what I do know is that you're the only one who has money now. You're her last chance at being rich. But you know, this is kinda good news. I mean, your dad doesn't have to lose his job over this and you don't have to marry Jamie now." He stayed silent. His face was stone cold. "No. We're, we've got to. It's too late." "Not yet, Tyler don't do this!" "Face it, it's over." You heard a knock from outside the door. "The wedding's about to start, we gotta get you down there now." you heard the guard say from outside the door. "I gotta go." Tyler said, slowly walking out.

"THESE ARE NOT ANEMONES!!! I WANTED ANEMONES!!! Do these look like anemones? NO! These are frickin TULIPS!!! TULIPS!!! No, I can't walk down the isle like this!!! I won't!!!!" Jamie yelled as she chucked her bouquet across the room. "Jamie it's too late now. Just please, we've got 3 minutes." A wedding planner said, trying to calm her. "No, I won't do it! I didn't PAY for...THIS!!!" "Jamie just-" "That is MS. DONAHUE TO YOU!" "Ms. Donahue I assure you-" "Just get my down the stupid isle, okay?" "Yes, Ms. Donahue. Alright girls, places. Follow me and get in line, chop chop. You and the groomsmen will meet right before the doors that open up to the isles. Alright you know your order! Let's go!" You followed behind the rest of the girls. You were right behind Allysa. Your palms began to sweat and the small bouquet almost seemed too heavy in your nervous hands. Ian walked up to you and linked his arm through yours. "Ready to go?" he said, almost laughing. You nodded, but it was far from the truth. You took a deep breath as the doors opened. It was an array of silver and glitter. The entire room was a halo of light that transported you to another realm. You then spotted Tyler, as gorgeous as ever, standing at the end of the isle. Your eyes narrowed in on him and nothing else. Soon it was time for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to split to their opposing sides and await the bride's arrival. You looked at Tyler and he only glanced back. Soon the wedding march began and the doors burst open. There was Jamie standing there with her father on her arm. Her beautiful gown mocking you. Once again you felt that same burning in your heart. One of jealousy, but you still couldn't feel it towards her. You hated her of course, but it wasn't because she was about to marry Tyler. That was the one thing you didn't hate her for. She got to the altar and everyone was seated. The preacher began with the vows and much too early for your liking, the I-do's were bing said. Your heart began to race knowing that it was now or never. Either he would say no or Tyler would be walking out of your life forever. "Do you, Jamie Elisabeth Donahue, take Tyler James Dawson to be your lawfully wedded husband...till death do you part?" "I do." Jamie answered with a smile that made you want to knock every fake veneer out of her toothy mouth. "And do you, Tyler James Dawson, take Jamie Elisabeth Donahue to be your lawfully wedded wife...till death do you part?" Tyler looked around at all the faces staring anxiously at the soon to be couple. Jamie's eyes looked eagerly into Tyler's, awaiting the answer. "I...I..."

To be continued...

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