Old Flame, New spark: A "Was it Really Meant to be?" Series.

Thank you for taking this, er, story! =) Your support means so much to me! Enjoy the story! Sorry in advance for any parts that take a long time to come out. This is an extension of "Was it Really Meant to Be?" So I advise you read that entire story first before reading this one.

Chapter 1

New Binnings Old Scars

About a year ago, you left behind the only person you ever loved. He was your best friend. Tyler. You had known him since, well your entire life actually. Right after your brother died he had to move all the way to Canada. CANADA! The two of you had gone through too much for him to just throw your entire relationship away. You tried to keep in contact, but it failed. But you're in college now time for a new beginning with your NEW boyfriend, right? Wrong. You saw Tyler again after about a year and you're going to the same college! But the excitement was short lived after you found he was engaged.

" _, I'd like you to meet Jamie, my fiance." Tyler said. She smiled, and you could tell that she took pride in the word. "Hey, are you a friend of Tyler's?" Jamie asked. "Yeah." you said, looking at Tyler, but he was looking down. "Oh, well great to meet you! Tyler, I'm gonna finish signing up and everything." she said. "Cool." Tyler said. "And, _ , hope to see you around. I bet we'd be great friends! Any friend of Ty's is a friend of mine. Right Ty?" Jamie asked him. Tyler smiled and nodded awkwardly. She walked off and there was an awkward silence. "She's pretty." you said with an edge to your voice. "Now, _, don't start this. Not now." Tyler pleaded. You just dropped it. "So, which dorm do you stay in?" You said, trying to change the subject. "I have an apartment a few blocks from here." he answered. "Oh, does she live with you?" "I don't see how that's any of your business, and no, she stays in the dorms." "Oh." "What about your boyfriend? Does HE live with you?" "No, we both live in dorms." "So he goes here?" "No, a college in the next town over." "Oh." "Well I gotta go finish unpacking all my dorm stuff, you know." "Yeah, of course." "See ya I guess." "Um, yeah, later." You walked back to your dorm and heard a noise from inside. You slowly began to open the door and you hit something behind it. "Ouch!" Someone yelled from behind the door. A girl walked out from behind it. It was Jamie. "Oh my gosh, _, what are you doing here?" She asked. "Um, I live here?" "Wait, so, that makes us roommates!" She said, a little too excited. Where did Tyler find this girl? "Well, I just got finished unpacking, you need any help?" She asked you. "No, I'm good." "Sooo...what do you wanna do?" "I was just gonna stay here, you know chill I guess." "Oh, ok, we could do that." You grabbed a magazine went over to your bed and started to read. "So, how do you know him?" She asked you. "What?" "How do you know Tyler?" "We used to live next door to each other. We've been friends since, well, we've been born. We've been neighbors all our lives." "Oh. So you guys are pretty close then?" "Well, not for a while we haven't." "So you used to be?" "You could say that." You knew where she was going with it, but you couldn't blame her for being a little curious about this strange girl who supposedly had some kind of history with her fiance. Even to you it sounded sketchy. "Do you have a boyfriend?" She asked, still suspicious. "Yeah." you said with a sigh. "How long have you and Tyler been engaged?" "It'll be 3 months next week." A huge smile spread across her face. "Wanna see my engagement ring?" She looked so excited. You didn't want to see, I mean you REALLY didn't want to, but you knew if you were getting engaged you would want to show off too. "Uh, sure." She held out her left hand. It was the most beautiful diamond you had ever seen. Ever. It was pretty big too. "Wow, it's gorgeous." you said. "Isn't it? Tyler picked it out himself. Doesn't he have great taste?" "Yeah, he does." You had to admit, you were really jealous, but the jealousy wasn't towards her. You wanted to choke her, smack her, and scream at her 'till her ears bled. You wanted to make her feel the same burning pain you felt in your heart. You wanted to hate her. You wanted so bad to hate her, but you couldn't. You knew what it felt like to love someone, to be happy. You didn't want to ruin that for someone else. The next day was your first class and you weren't looking forward to it. You pushed through the crowd of unfamiliar faces that looked just as confused as you. All of a sudden a hand grabbed your arm. You turned around to see Tyler's face, he looked upset. "Can we talk?" He asked desperate. "There's nothing to talk about." you said icily. "The situation won't get any better by you ignoring me." "Tyler, I have to get to class." "Can we please just talk about this? I understand that you don't want to talk to me, but we have to at least have some closure. Please?" "Ok, fine." "Meet me at the fountain out front at the end of the day." He walked off. Sure enough at the end of the day Tyler stood there waiting. He smiled, the same way he always smiled at you. You missed that, but you didn't want him to know. In silence, the two of you walked over to the park down the street. You both walked over to a large oak tree in the middle of the park. Instantly you were cooled by it's shade and the cool breeze under it tickled your face. It was like your beach. "What happened?" Tyler asked. You snapped back. "What? What do you mean?" "To us. We used to call each other every day, send messages and pictures. What happened?" Honestly you weren't sure yourself. "I don't know, maybe you got engaged." you said sarcastically. "This isn't about me and Jamie, this is about us." Tyler said trying to avoid the subject altogether. "No, this is about her. Is she why you stopped calling? Why are you even marrying her? You're 19, what the hell are you doing getting engaged?!" "You don't understand-" "No Tyler, no I don't understand. I don't understand why you would throw your life away over something so stupid! What? Were you on the rebound and found some girl to 'fall in love with' and marry? What were you thinking?" "You don't know anything. Listen, I'm not here to fight with you, I just wanna make peace ok? Can we please? Listen, I miss you, _. I miss you sooo much. But," "But we can't be together because you have a fiance. Right?" "That's not it, we can still be friends." "It won't be the same. I don't wanna be just friends Ty." "Yeah, I think you made that clear when you kissed me." "Tyler, why don't you love me any more or did you even love me in the first place?" He held your face in his hand. "Don't ever say, or even think that I don't love you." "So why are you getting married to someone else? Do you love her?" He dropped his hand and looked into your eyes. "Yeah, I guess. But I'm not in love with her." Your eyes filled with tears. "So why are you marrying her? And so young at that, I mean, If you love her so much, wouldn't you still have time?" "It's complicated." "Then explain it to me." you said with a tear falling down your cheek. He wiped it off with his thumb. "Well, you know how my dad got that management job?" "Yeah." "Well, the owner of the business, I mean the entire chain, well, Jamie is his daughter." "Wow. But that still doesn't explain anything." "We met at a formal her dad had for all his executives and their families. We never intended to go out, but our parents sorta, forced us together. It'll be more of a business deal than a wedding. Did you think that I wanted to get married at 19?" "Well, yeah." "Well I don't! Her dad was always hinting to me how he wanted me to marry his daughter. In exchange he gave my dad a promotion. He always talked about how he would turn it into a family business, and how he wish he had a son. I felt I had no choice." "You always have a choice. You could call off the engagement." "And jeopardize my dad's dream job that he's been working for for the last 20 years? Don't think so." "So what? Are we just supposed to ignore our feelings for each other?" "What do you want me to do? What am I supposed to do, _?" You wanted to say 'drop that skank and marry me!' But you just shrugged. "You must not love me too much." you said, tears coming steadily now. "You're asking me to choose between you and my family, this isn't just about us any more! If you loved ME you would at least TRY to understand and stop being so damn selfish! No one cares what you want, or what I want. You apparently have a boyfriend, go cry to him! Maybe moving on and getting married to Jamie isn't so bad after all." "You don't mean that!" "I love you, but you have to realize that you're not the only one with problems, it's not always about pleasing you! You don't see how things affect everyone else but it does! I'm tired of you playing victim all the time! I've always gone out of my way to please you and make you happy and solve all of your problems. All I did was comfort you and support you, but have I ever gotten any praise or any kind of appreciation? No! I haven't! You've never even been to any of my football games because you didn't want to see Madison there! After I fought with Jason you didn't even ask if I was ok, you just left! So stop your bit.ching because it isn't that serious! Drop it and leave it alone! I'm tired of trying to make you happy all the time because you always find one more thing to get upset over! Jamie never asks for anything, and you know what? She comes with a lot less emotional baggage! Can we just put everything behind us and just be friends. Just do this one thing for me, since you never did anything else." "Fine." you said. You both walked off in different directions. You went back to your dorm. "What's wrong?" Jamie asked. You didn't dare tell her you were with her soon to be husband. "Nothing." you said, tears coming again. She knew you didn't want to talk about it so she just left you alone. You lied down on your bed and silently cried. You thought about it for a second, and Tyler was right. You never said thanks for everything he did, he always dropped his problems and came running to fix yours. You didn't know you caused so much trouble and were being so selfish. You still wanted Tyler, but you knew you just had to be friends...for now at least. And this time, you wouldn't let him go.

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