Monster High

I decided to do a Halloween story so here it is!!!
Theme Song-
Monster High Fright Song-?

Chapter 2

Welcome To Monster High

Monster High~

I stepped outside of my dad's old beat up pick-up truck. The front of the school was huge! It was made out of black bricks and had big metal doors in the front. My dad pulled my two bags out of the trunk and I clutched the strap of my backpack on my shoulder.

Some of the very few windows were covered in cobwebs and boarded up. Something told me that wasn't good.

"Ok, well, I'm not allowed inside so I guess this is where I leave you." My dad said and set my bags down.

He got in the car and my heartbeat picked up dramatically. "Dad!"

"Yes, Aida?" He asked and looked out the window at me.


"Oh, hello Aida! I'm Mrs. Cutter." I turned and saw a lady come out of the metal doors followed by a weird looking guy. He had hair like snakes and was a tall lanky kind of guy.

I heard my dad's car start and then he was gone. I took a deep breath and shook the lady's hand. Her skin was slimy and I quickly pulled back; she just laughed.

The boy picked up my bags and walked back to the the school.

"Um...Hi?" I said and Mrs. Cutter smiled.

"Welcome to Monster High."

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