Monster High

I decided to do a Halloween story so here it is!!!
Theme Song-
Monster High Fright Song-?

Chapter 16

I'll Just Stay Here And Bug You.


The Next Day~

I came out of my shower and quickly changed. I felt rather off that day, so I decided to wear comfy clothes. I stepped into my room, grabbed my iPod, and turned it on.

It Never Ends by Bring Me The Horizon played as I walked down the desolate hallways. I closed my eyes and just listened to the music. My mind knew the hallways enough for me to not run into walls. I walked to a section of a building that was forbidden to students and turned on Monster by Meg and Dia, and I started to sing along to it.

The Song~

His little whispers.
Love Me. Love Me.
That's all I ask for.
Love Me. Love Me.
He battered his tiny fists to feel something.
Wondered what it's like to touch and feel something.
How should I feel?
Creatures lie here.
Looking through the window...
That night he caged her.
Bruised and broke her.
He struggled closer.
Then he stole her.
Violet wrists and then her ankles.
Silent Pain.
Then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams.
How should I feel?
Creatures lie here.
Looking through the windows.
I will.
Hear their voices.
I'm a glass child.
I am Hannah's regrets.
How should I feel?
Turn the sheets down.
Murder ears with pillow lace.
There's bath tubs.
Full of glow flies.
Bathe in kerosene.
Their words tattoed in his veins, yeah.

Someone tapped on my shoulder, and I screamed. Angel stepped in front of me. I punched his arm and turned off my iPod. "Jesus! Are you trying to give me a heartattack?!?" I yelled.

"Relax! You're not supposed to be here anyway!" I punched his arm again. "Would you stop hitting me?!" He yelled.

"No!" I yelled and hit him again. He crossed his arms over his chest and stared into my eyes. I sighed. "Yes, I'm done. Now what do you want?"

"To give you a heart attack."

"Mission accomplished. Now go away." I waved my hand at him hoping it would make him act like a fly and shoo. He grabbed my wrist.

"We need to go. There doing a head count in our dorms; and if we aren't there, then everyone is going to start freaking out and jumping to conclusions. Then, when they found us, we'll be in a crapload of trouble." He said and pulled me back down the hallways. I groaned and mumbled insults at him under my breath.

We got to his room just in time. Mr. Darkens came by, counted us as "there", and left. "Can you let go of my wrist now?"

"I don't know. Are you going to run away again?" He asked.

"Fine. Let go, and I won't." I mumbled. He let go. I put my earbuds in and started listening to Monster by Paramore. I walked into his room and laid on his bed. "Since you won't let me wander around, I'll just stay in here and bug you all day."

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