Edward Cullen’s Sister and Jasper Hale’s Love

Edward Cullen’s Sister and Jasper Hale’s Love

This is going to be short because this is my first story so please give me back all your feedback. Thank you!

Chapter 1

Charlotte Has a Brother!

“You have an older brother his name is Edward” I was shocked, excited yet very angry at my father for not telling me sooner. My name is Charlotte Leigh Masen I was born on October 31, 1902. I am a vampire and demon. My dad side of the family are very open minded with other creatures. My family understands my demon side but couldn’t figure out my vampire side. That is until my father made that announcement; my grandfather believe it or not is Aro Volturi he says that maybe when Edward was changed that since we are related my human side from my mother had turned as well. When I was born my dad took me and we vanished at this time Edward was 1 so he must’ve forgotten. Ever since that announcement (four days ago) I’ve been searching for my brother. I know where he lives because I saw it in my grandfather’s mind.

Name: Charlotte Leigh Masen
Age: 16 years old forever (108 yrs.)
Eyes: Green (Wolf: bright blue and her eyes change with her emotions)
Hair: Brown (Wolf: snow white)
Height: 5’7
Weight: 103.8 lbs.
Powers: Teleports, can see the future past and present, mind reading, blocks other powers, the 4 elements, sense emotions, shape shift into anything and anyone.

Eye Colors: Red: Mad
Yellow: Happy
Orange: Annoyed
Purple: Caring
Blue: Sad
Green: Normal/Jealousy
Grey: Suspicious/Evil
Rainbow: Confused

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