Vampire Time

My name is Mikey and i'm 15 or was now i'm 20 but still look 15 becuase of a bad choose i made Read Vampire Time 2 the other part

Chapter 1

the attack

by: KDVampire
"No Mikey you can't go," my mom yelled.
"But all my friends are going to the Black Veil Brides concert," i yelled.
"No," she shouted.
"Fine," i muttered.

that night i snuck out, i grabbed my snow jacket and i ran to my freinds house and we left. the car broke down an half an hour before we would have got there.
"I'm going on a walk," i said.
"No Mikey," Cinder yelled.
"Bye," i snubbed. i walked around the down town area for a few hours.
"Hay why you out here so late," someone yelled.
i turned to see no one there. so i turned back and someone was there. i ran as fast as i could but the person got me, he turned my head to the side.
"Please don't," i begged.
"Don't what son," he asked.
"Kill me," i cried.
he pushed me down in to a dark ally and sat me on my knees.
"I will not kil you if you wish but i need to eat," he whispered in a dark tone. tears streemed down my cheeks, i felt a sharp pain in my neck, i strugled be the man would not let go. he was drinking my blood and i could not tell what was going to happen i only knew it would end badly for me.

"Stand up," he demanded. but i was to weak. so he grabbed me by the hood and stood me up and put my jacket on. i felt the cold night agenst my skin. he let go and i stood but the world spon and i Calapssed. the snow on the growned and it was frozen so the fall was bad. my heart pounded i knew i was going to die. i felt some thing cold and wet touch my lips. "Drink," he whispered calmly. two things came to mind ether he was crazy or he was drunk. "You will live," he whispered. but i was to weak to do so.
"I can't," i breathed.
"Save your breath," he said. he sat me against his chest and pushed his bloody wrist in to my mouth. i struggled. "I'll let you breathe once you swallow," he snapped. so i swallowed. "Good."
he dropped me and left. i was cold and for sure not going to wake up after i fell to the blackness.

"Hey," someone whispered.
"Am i dead," i asked.
"No, I'm Zac he said.
"I'm Mikey," i said.
"So who attacked you," he asked.
"How do you know," i asked.
"You've got blood smeered all over your lips and technecly you've been dead for the last twelve hours," he laughed.
"Well Zac what are you talking about," i asked.
"You dont know," he smerked. He smiled at me and thats when i realized he has fangs. he bite his wrist blood flooded his arm. "Drink," he deamanded. so i did. "Your one thirsty newborn," he laughed. the blood was good, but i had a feeling it wasn't the best thing out there, the smell of what was around me was amazing "So who attacked you," he asked.
"IDK," i awsered.
"In my time we didn't talk like that if we used inproper grammer we got belted.
"When was you time," i asked.
"1910," he laughed. "Here," he took his sleve and wipped the blood from my face. "Your fangs will come in soon," he laughed.
"What are we," i asked.
"Vampires," he said straitly. i felt a huge pain in my stomach.
"Gah," i gasped.
"Shh," he whispered and it was over.
"What just happened," i asked.
"The final change," he laughed.
"How where you changed," i asked.
"You ask to many questions about me," he complained.
"Sorry," i whispered.
"I was 15 sick dying of diphtheria and i can't remeber who but someone took me and changed me then left me with some other vampires who trained me," he laughed. "Now you tell me something," he said.
"I'm Emo and i'm 15 i was anorexic kinda, and i'm the youngest of five all of my older siblings are girls," i laughed.
"So, still hungery," he asked. i stared at him. "I'll take that as a yes."


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