Jennys weight gain

Get jenny as fat as possible!!

Chapter 2

What Happened Next

by: DarkNight
"The liquid only kicks in when you go to sleep",said Joel. "But I have to go sleep",protested Jenny. I'll find out how to reverse it as soon as possible so there's no point missing sleep.

The next day Jenny woke feeling strange, she felt very hot and sweaty and sure enough her sheets were damp. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and saw herself in the mirror. She was one big ball of fat. Her arms were like tree trunks and her perfect figure hag gone. She could barely walk.

When she finally made it to the kitchen she was starving. After eating a super-sized breakfast she dragged her enormous belly back to her bedroom to get dressed. She reached for her largest pair of trousers (M) and tried to fit them over her legs. But as hard as she tried they just wouldn't get over her gigantic thighs.

At last she gave up and called Joel. "Hi, could you go to the fat person store and get me some XXXL clothes?". "Yes right away", he replied. When Joel came to her house with the clothes they were tight but fine." Well I must say my fat drink worked very well",said Joel with a hint of laughter in hi voice. "This isn't funny, being fat is horrible, I can't wear a bra so I can't lie on the beach to get a tan", she replied. "Don't worry I think I know how to reverse it", said Joel. "How?", replied Jenny eagerly. "Fat Camp"

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