just read the story and add some then pass!

Chapter 1


by: Sammy82
"OMG SAMMI!!!!!!!!!!" I hear as i wake up from a long night. I rub my head as i remember the night before, and then shudder when it comes back to me. I had gone to a party, but a shot of.. I can't even remember what, made me loopy and drunk, i had passed out, and awoken in my friends room, telling me that I had gotten RaAaPaEaD, and then she shows me a picture of him, but all i see are the slightly wet abs and smoken hot body. I get up, but my other contact falls out, my other one had fallen out the night before, and so i just run forward, not able to see, into a brick, and right now im with that guy again, and my friend is in the doorway with my evil step mother.
I stand up, then remember i have no clothes on. i blush horribly as my step om screams "SAMANTHA!"i grab the guys giant hoody off the floor, then pull on my jeans real fast, before storming out of the room. I push past my step mom (anabelle, or a$$abelle,as i call her) and my friend kalli, to see my boyfriend, jo, lurking in the dark of the hallyway-"SAMMI!" he screams, oviously mad, but i grab his shirt, twist it, and pull him with me as i run out the door, i run into his car, and start to drive, but he realizes i have not learned to drive yet, and decides to helpi stop the car in the middle of a road, he picks me up and pushes himself under me. 'Where to?" he asks
"home,1st" i say, and soon we are back to our love festing ways. i snuggle into his chest, not breaking our long kiss, until he parks, he turns off the car, and openss the door, hugging me, then grabbing me waist and pulling me out of the car with him.
Then, i realize that a$$abelle has followed us, and run into the house, still holding his hand, and quickly pack shampoo, conditionder, water, snacks, and a bit of clothes and a blanket


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